My younger sister has been annoying me for months I want to pull a prank on her but what?

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Are younger sisters annoying or older sisters more annoying?

Older sisters can be that way.Sometimes they feel responsible for you, sometimes they just want to control you, sometimes they just want to annoy you. Most of the annoyance st

Why are younger sisters so annoying?

b/c they r now deal w/ that you big fat ugly butt good 4 nothing loser if you ask this question again it means that you really don't have a life which is funny cause

What pranks can you pull on your sister?

Get a rubber mouse a box that pops open really fast tie the rubber rat to it and make it pop at her. or get a mouse trap tie some string to it then get a tenis ball- or any ot

How do you annoy your younger sister?

Do annoy here it is fun and it's funny you can put itching powder in her bed and you can tickle her or tell her secrets(which is a really good one 5 stars) but she will probab

Pranks for your younger sister?

At night put soap on your sister's toothbrush and then put toothpaste on top of it. Give it to her. It's hilarious!!

What are good clean pranks you can pull on your sister?

U might get in trouble but it'll be worth it big time! Okay, first, u hide under her bed right before she gets in. Wait til she's all comfy and make a light groaning sound lik

Pranks to pull on your sister?

paint clear nail polish over the soap in her shower. When yoursister takes a shower she can scrub and scrub but get no bubbles

What are the best pranks to pull on a little sister?

First of all...I have lots and lots 1.get her favorite doll (if she haz one) and put t right in front of her face while shes sleeping and when she wakes up well u no aaaahhh

What is the best prank to pull on your younger brother?

You can tell him about some scary movies: . Tell him it is NOT scary when it is. . Tell him it is really scary and he can not handle it, and when he says "Don't worry! Im g

How do you pull pranks on your sister?

first go into her room when shes gone cut the middle of her shirts off like the boob part. And you can also, if your older and you think it's not going to far, you can take o

What pranks can you pull on your sister when she is sleeping?

well number one put some books under the cover of your sisters pillow number 2 you can put see through plastic wrap like you use for food and put it on the toilet and it wi

Why are younger brothers and sisters so annoying?

I have a younger brother and sister and i personally think that they are so annoying because they want to follow you. They like your ideas and they want to follow you but they

What is a good prank to pull on your older sister?

ok wat u do first is you get cheese grated cheese spray can cheese and even kraft cheese then u put it under their sheets and u wait next time she sleeps or if shes not a virg

How do you pull a prank on your younger brother?

Be cautious when pranking a sibling who is younger than you; if much younger, you do not want to scare the kid too much. You must also not do anything that could injure someon