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Name an insect which makes high pitched sounds creating almost 1000 sound waves per second?

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What property of waves affects the pitch of sound?

Frequency (measured in Hertz, which is cycles per second). Higher  frequency, or more cycles (or oscillations) per second, will sound  as a higher pitch.

What kind of sound waves produce a high pitch?

The kind of sound waves that cause the highest sounding pitch would the the really thin and fast moving ones. There is, however a difference between big waves that are thin an

How are low-pitch sounds different from high-pitched sounds?

Low pitched sounds have a low frequency. Higher sounds have high  frequency, that is the number of waves passing a point per second  is greater.

Does a guitar make a high pitched sound or a low pitched sound?

The pitch a guitar makes is totally dependent on how it is tuned and where it is played. But in standard tuning the lowest pitch of a guitar (Low E) as around 82Hz and the hig

What makes a sound a sound?

Sound is vibration of (mostly air) molecules. Humans hear sounds from about 20 Hz (=20 vibrations per second, deepest bass) to about 20.000 Hz (20.000 vibrations per sec., ver
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Do high pitched sounds damage hearing?

it depends on how loud the pitch is some pitches are not harmful but they are so high we can hear them i think these type of sounds at a pitch very high are called infrared so
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What sound do ocean waves make?

Ocean waves have a distinct sound that soothes a lot of people and  can help people sleep. They make a sort of whooshing sound and  almost sounds like the wind mixed with wa