Name an insect which makes high pitched sounds creating almost 1000 sound waves per second?

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What makes sound high or low pitched?

High pitch = high frequency = short waves = comes from something moving fast Low pitch = low frequency = long waves = comes from something moving slower

What makes high pitched sounds?

Shorter wavelengths, higher frequencies makes high pitched sounds. Take a rubber band and cut part of it; hold it between your fingers and stretch it slightly; strum it. Yo

How can you make a high or low pitch sound?

Sound is made when air is forced through the vocal chords at the top of the larnyx. The chords sit atop the trachea. When they are constricted, you make a squeeky sound. Whe

What sound waves make low pitched sound?

Pitch is affected by the frequency and wavelength of a sound wave. When the frequency is lower there are not as many waves per second, and the wavelength becomes longer. A low