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Name an insect which makes high pitched sounds creating almost 1000 sound waves per second?

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Did you write your own lyrics and arrangements for your solo album, and did your fellow TOPS band members help in any way?

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How do high pitched sound waves shatter glass?

  Answer     High frequency sound waves can shatter glass if powerful enough. This happens because the glass vibrates at the same frequency as the sound waves o (MORE)

What animals make high pitch sounds?

toothed whales (dolphins etc) that echo-locate and bats thats echo-locate. Mice are pretty high pitched but not as high as the echo-locators.
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How many feet do sound waves travel per second?

  At sea level in air sound travels approximately 1125 ft/s, however it changes depending on the material in which it travels. For instance, it travels faster in water.
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Do fast vibrations make a high pitch sound?

  Yes, they do. That's why on T.V., when they show something done really fast, their voices are high pitched.
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What does the pitch of a sound wave depend on?

The frequency of the wave. Higher frequency means "higher" pitched sound and lower frequency means "lower" pitched sound.
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What is the pitch in the relation to sound waves?

Sound is a compression or rarefication of air. That compression is measured in frequency (Hertz) or cycles per sec . 440 Hertz is A or "Concert Pitch"
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