Name the governor of karnataka?

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Rameshwar Thakur but now he is not the govern er ,Shri.Ramakrishna is the govern er of Karnataka. K.GREESHMA
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Where is Karnataka?

karnataka is in India's south part Improved answer. Karnataka is a state in the south west of India, being formed in 1956 when the States Reorganisation Act was passed. Orig

What are names of the Cabinet ministers in karnataka government?

Name\nCabinet Rank\nTelephone / Email\nB S Yediyurappa (Chief Minister)\nCabinet affairs, DPAR, Finance, Intelligence Wing, Urban Development Department (excluding BWSSB, muni
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What is old name of karnataka?

MYSORE was the old name of karnataka. After naming the old place as karnataka, mysore name was given to small region around mysore palace (where mysore maharaja's use to resid
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Which are the names of districts of karnataka?

Bangalore Urban . Bangalore Rural . Chikkaballapur . Chitradurga . Davanagere . Kolar . Ramanagara . Shimoga . Tumkur . Bagalkot . Belgaum . Bijapur . Dharwad .