Name the governor of karnataka?

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In India
Rameshwar Thakur but now he is not the govern er ,Shri.Ramakrishna is the govern er of Karnataka. K.GREESHMA
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What is Governor Morris's full name?

Lewis Morris. I checked several sources - even looked at the text of his Last Will and Testament - and found neither middle initial nor middle name.

What is the name of the governor in Connecticut?

The current (2008) governor is M. Jodi Rell. She was previously was the Lieutenant Governor, but advanced when former Governor John G. Rowland was forced amid scandal (and conviction on corruption charges) to step down in mid term. Rell was than re-elected in her own right to a new full term.

What is the name of the Governor of São Paulo Brazil?

Nowadays, Sao Paulo governor's is Alberto Goldman. He succed Jose Serra, as Serra left the governor last April to apply as presidential candidate. On January 1st 2011, Goldman will deliver his office to Geraldo Alckmin, the one who was elected last elections (on October 3rd).

Who is the president of karnataka?

States doesn't have their own presidents. In India , head of any state is the governor & head of people government is the chief minister

Name of Idaho's governor?

Butch Otter is the Governor of Idaho. He was elected in 2006 andreelected in 2010 and 2014. For more information visit the Related Link.

What is the name of the US governor?

U.S. President The United States does not have a governor. The country has a president. Governor is a state office and each of the states has one. They are the leaders of the individual states, much like the president is the leader of the nation. The U.S. President is Barack Obama.

What were the names of Governor John Adair's children?

He had a daughter named Mary Adair, who married Mark Hardin, a lawyer in Shelbyville, Ky. They had a son named John who became a doctor. My only reference in this matter was a note written by my grandmother, who was interested in geneology. Dr. John Hardin was her maternal grandfather.

Names of Texas Governors?

There have been 47 who have held this office. Some of the best known include:. Sam Houston . Miriam Amanda Wallace "MA" Ferguson . John Connally . Ann Richards . George W. Bush.

What is the name of Wyoming's governor?

Matthew "Matt" Mead is the current governor of Wyoming. He waselected in 2010 and reelected in 2014. The Governor in Wyomingserves a four-year term with a limitation of two consecutive terms.Matt Mead assumed office on January 3, 2011. His term as Governorwill end on January 3, 2019.

What are the names of women who have been U.S. Governors?

The only woman to ever be elected as governor to Louisiana is Kathleen Blanco. She was governor when Hurrican Katrina hit, and was so highly criticized for her lack of response to the victims of the storm that she lost her bid for re-election to Bobby Jindal in the last election.

What is the name of the first Louisiana governor?

The first Governor of New France was Sauvole de la Villantry. . The first Spanish Governor was Antonio de Ulloa. . The first French Governor after Spain's cessesstion back to France was Pierre de Laussat. . The First US Governor of Louisiana Territory was William Claiborne. . The First Governor (MORE)

Where is Karnataka?

karnataka is in India's south part Improved answer. Karnataka is a state in the south west of India, being formed in 1956 when the States Reorganisation Act was passed. Originally it was named as the State of Mysore but its name was changed to Karnataka in 1973.

What is the name of Wyoming's current governor?

Matthew "Matt" Mead is the current governor of Wyoming. He waselected in 2010 and reelected in 2014. Due to term limits, MattMead's tenure as Wyoming's governor will end in January of 2019.

What are names of the Cabinet ministers in karnataka government?

Name\nCabinet Rank\nTelephone / Email\nB S Yediyurappa (Chief Minister)\nCabinet affairs, DPAR, Finance, Intelligence Wing, Urban Development Department (excluding BWSSB, municipalities and local bodies), Kannada and culture, mines and geology, Forests, Ecology and Environment, Department of Public (MORE)

Can you name the lieutenant governor of the US?

No, there is no federal office holder in the United States government with the title of lieutenant governor. A lieutenant governor is a high officer of state, usually the second-in-comman. The second-in-command in the United States is called the vice president. The vice president of the United Sta (MORE)

What is the name of the state governor of Mississippi?

Phil Bryant is the 64th and current Governor of Mississippi. He isa member of the Republican Party. He was elected in 2011 andassumed the office on January 10, 2012. The Governors inMississippi serve a four year term and are restricted to two termsin office.

What is the name of the governor general of England?

England doesn't have a Governor General- it's Head of state is the ruling monarch, who at present is Queen Elizabeth II, and it's top political figure is the Prime Minister, who is currently David Cameron. The role of a Governor-General was confined to Britain's former colonies, but nowadays the ro (MORE)

What is the name of the first governor general of Pakistan?

Muhammad Ali JinnahQuaid-e-azam was the first Governor general of Pakistan. He was very kind man. Mohandas Gandhi and Jinnah worked together to get free from the British. After the independence Gandhi did not want to separate the countries. And the Jinnah gave us Pakistan. And was the first Governor (MORE)

What is the name of present governor of katsina?

The name of the present Governor of Katsina state is Ibrahim shehu shema. He is formerly a Barrister before he become the Governor. I knew this because I am from Funtua a L.G.A in Katsina state.

List of governors names in New Mexico?

There have been Spanish Governors, Mexican Governors, US Military Governors, US Territorial Governors and US State Governors, There have been Elected Governors, Appointed Governors, Temporary Governors, Cruel Governors, Corrupt Governors, Republican Governors, Democratic Governors, Famous Governors (MORE)

What is the name of Canada's second Governor General?

The Right Honourable The Lord Lisgar Bt., G.C.B.,G.C.M.G., P.C., was the second Governor General of Canada. He wasappointed on 2 February 1869 by Her Majesty Victoria, on the adviceof The Right Honourable John A. Macdonald G.C.B., K.C.M.G., P.C.,P.C.(Can), Q.C., then the Prime Minister. The Lord L (MORE)

What is the name of Australia's governor in Australia?

The Australian Governor-General's name is Peter Cosgrove. Each of the Australian states has its own state Governor. In 2014,they are as follows: New South Wales: Marie Bashir Victoria: Alex Chernov Queensland: Penelope Wensley Western Australia: James McCusker South Australia: Kevin Scarce Tasmani (MORE)

What is the name of Alberta's current lieutenant governor?

As of His Honour's appointment on 11 May 2010, His Honour the Honourable Donald Ethell is the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, the Governor General of Canada, appointed His Honour on the advice of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the Prime (MORE)

What is old name of karnataka?

MYSORE was the old name of karnataka. After naming the old place as karnataka, mysore name was given to small region around mysore palace (where mysore maharaja's use to reside) inside karnataka. -Suresh

What was the name of the roman governor?

Rome had 33 provinces in total and each one had a governor for one year (sometimes longer). You would have to be specific about which governor and which province that you mean before you question can be answered. Rome had 33 provinces in total and each one had a governor for one year (sometimes lon (MORE)

Which place is in karnataka?

There are many places in karnataka: Bidar Gulbarga Bangalore Fort and Tipu's Palace Chitradurga MysorePalace Hampi Dharmasthala Halebeedu Bangalore Palace Bijapur Somnathpur Kolar SrirangapatnaPattadakal Bellary Fort Aihole Belur Badami Shravana belagola

Which are the names of districts of karnataka?

Bangalore Urban . Bangalore Rural . Chikkaballapur . Chitradurga . Davanagere . Kolar . Ramanagara . Shimoga . Tumkur . Bagalkot . Belgaum . Bijapur . Dharwad . Gadag . Haveri . Uttara Kannada . Bellary . Bidar . Gulbarga . Koppal . Raichur . Yadgir . Chamarajanagar . Chika (MORE)

What are the names of the 50 us governors?

As of January 16, 2013, the 50 U.S. state governors are... Robert Bentley (R-AL, since Jan.'11) Sean Parnell (R-AK, since July'09) Jan Brewer (R-AZ, since Jan.'09) Mike Beebe (D-AR, since Jan.'07) Jerry Brown (D-CA, since Jan.'11) John Hickenlooper (D-CO, since Jan.'11) Dan Mall (MORE)

What is the meaning of karnataka?

Karnataka can be defined as an Indian state. The region was populary referred to as ÔKamata deseÓ in Indian History. However, historically, the names Karatak or Cernatic have been misapplied to the regions beyond the Western Ghats (Kodagu and Kerala).

What is the name of our current governor in Illinois?

Bruce Rauner is the 42nd and currentGovernor of Illinois. He was elected in 2014 and assumed office onJanuary 12, 2015. He is a member of the Republican Party. TheGovernor in Illinois serves a four-year term and there is nolimit on the number of terms a governor may serve.