Native American poet joy harjo is a member of a band that puts her poetry music what is the bands name and what instrument does harjo play?

poetic justice
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The Minneapolis Books Examiner said that The Boy in the Woods is "in the vein of early Stephen King or some of Dean Koontz's stronger single novels." How have successful thriller novelists, perhaps Stephen King and Dean Koontz themselves, influenced your writing?

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What instruments do the band metallica play?

James Hetfield - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar, Vocals Lars Ulrich - Drums Robert Trujillo - Bass, Vocals *Note: Former Metallica bassists are Ron McGov (MORE)

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Is there any personification in remember by Joy Harjo?

Yes. The moon is described as a person in line three- 'Remember the moon, know who she is'. The wind is also described as a woman in line seventeen in much the same way-'Remem (MORE)

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