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Native American poet joy harjo is a member of a band that puts her poetry music what is the bands name and what instrument does harjo play?

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poetic justice
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What instruments are played in a mariachi band?

A traditional mariachi band would have one trumpet, a violin, a Spanish Guitar, and a pair of maracas.

Names of instruments in a marching band?

The names of the instruments in most marching bands are: WoodwindsAlto saxophoneTenor saxophoneBaritone saxophoneFlutePiccoloClarinetBass Clarinet BrassTrumpetMellophoneTrombo

What instruments are played in a marching band?

Flutes, Piccolos, Saxophones (usually alto, but sometimes there are marching bari or tenor saxes) and Clarinets sometimes march. High school bands take woodwinds, but some col

What is the hardest instrument to play in a band?

In concert band, the bassoon. The double reed makes it especially difficult, then you add in the bass clef, and its natural out-of-tune nature, and you have a very difficult i

Is there any personification in remember by Joy Harjo?

Yes. The moon is described as a person in line three- 'Remember the moon, know who she is'. The wind is also described as a woman in line seventeen in much the same way-'Remem

Who played which instruments in the band Queen?

  Brian may-Guitar   Freddie mercury-piano, vocals, occasional guitar   Roger taylor-Drums   John deacon- Bass

What does jaksa chula harjo mean?

Jaksa Chula Harjo is the Cherokee Indian name for the American President, Andrew Jackson. The man recognized as doing the most harm to the Cherokee Nation.