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Life insurance is a necessity. It is cheap, especially if you are young and healthy. Even if you are older or suffer from health impairments, you can find life insurance companies which look more favorably on your particular situation and offer you a good rate. A life insurance policy can provide financial relief for your family at a time when they need it the most. Having no life insurance coverage with dependent children and a spouse can throw a family into financial turmoil in the event of a premature death. Find out today how life insurance can change your life. Visit:

Let's Insure,
PO Box 1192,
Chatswood NSW 2057, Phone: 1300 355 355

What happens if a divorced father of two children ages 19 and 21 dies and has no life insurance or any money for funeral expenses in the state of Wisconsin?

Answer . He still gets Social Security. That usually provides enough to pay for a simple funeral and burial.. Answer . Like all states Wisconsin has provisions for aidi

Your mother dies with no assets no life insurance and high debt such as credit cards home mortgage car etc you are one of 3 adult children father is predeceased What are your financial responsibilitie?

Answer . The assets of her estate (whatever they are and however much there is) will be sold in an estate sale to satisfy her obligations. Any remaining assets will be awa

Where do you get life insurance from?

You can check your local phone book or online to find an agent andget quotes. Independent brokers are best as they represent amultitude of companies and can literally shop for

What is life insurance?

With a wide range of life insurance policies available in themarket today, it is important to know how to select the bestoption. With rising awareness about financial products

If a single person dies and has no life insurance what happens to debt?

Debts are paid by the estate assets, not by life insurance. The debts will go unpaid if there are no assets. If there are some assets but not enough to go around, then some de

You are 60 years old and have no life insurance Should your husband cash in a 10000 policy he has or should you take out life insurance or should you save money for your burial?

Hi, Whilst age is certainly a factor when you are considering getting some life insurance, it shouldn't be something that puts you off it. If you are looking for the cov

Do you have to have life insurance?

Answer 1 Yes i have life insurance that can pay well to my family after mydeath. At least, they will not depend on some one else. If i willalive that time i would like to con

Where can you get life insurance?

Where to get Life Insurance There are many fine company web sites that make life insurancequotes available on the internet. The problem with most quotes isthey fail to ask the

Is wife responsible for deceased husband's medical bills in NJ if there is no life insurance?

The availability of life insurance doesn't change the situation. It is the assumption is that the wife inherits at least half, if not all, of the husband's assets. But the est

Where can I get life insurance?

There are many life insurance policies available in the market which offers you impressive features at reasonable premium. I would suggest you to get quotes from various life

What do you do if a loved one dies with no life insurance?

I'm not sure whether you are worried about burial services, old debt, or what you are referring to. Burial: Most counties have free or very reduced service your

Do I have life insurance?

It's not something you were naturally born with. Unless you took out a plan with your bank or job or somewhere and are paying into it my guess is no.