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On your period and spotting pink brown what does it mean?

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There is a possibility for a positive pregnancy, however this is only speculation. To be sure, take the pregnancy test, it will give highly accurate results
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Can brown and pink spotting mean you are pregnant?

hi there yes in fact i had that with my first baby .. apparently its a sign of the egg being fertlized. weird huh,, i allso had 2 very normal periods as well.. my daughter wa

What does it mean if you think you're on your period but all you get is light brown spotting or light pink when you wipe?

this could mean several things, and there is no real way of knowing without talking to a doctor. I have read that brownish discharge when wiping is a possible early sign of pr

What does it mean if you only have brown spotting when your period is due?

Hi, Brown spotting is known as old blood. When this occurs there is a possibility you could be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test and also see your doctor to rule out

Light pink and brown spotting with cramps and menstrual Period isn't for another week?

  I'm going through the same thing currently. I think it's due to stress. I'm usually pretty regular and am heavy the first couple of days. This period is wierd though. My

What does it mean if your period is brown and comes in spots?

Brown just means it is old blood, rather than fresh. A spotty, brown discharge during your period is a sign of an irregular period, and isn't necessarily abnormal. Many women

What does it mean when you have dark brown spotting after your period?

This is just normal spotting. Spotting is when small amounts ofblood mix with discharge, dark brown just means the blood is takingtime to leave the body and thus is going brow