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Pain in right side radiating around your back?

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What is pain above waist on right side of back?

Pain above the waist on the right side of the back is most probably a kidney stone, although that is not the only possibility. A test of your urine, to check for elevated leve

You have lower back pain and abdominal pain but only on your right side Pain is chronic but there is no pain during your menstrual period What can cause this?

  If the pain is sharp and off-center a bit from the middle of the back around the waistline, you could have mild disk herniation pressing on a nerve. This kind of pain ty

What could be the cause of pain in your upper back that radiates up your neck and around your scapula and also pain in the right shoulder that pops with certain movements?

One view: It may be the suboccipital pain. One view: I was told mine was a build up of uric acid around my muscles and joints. One view: There are a lot of muscles behind a

If you have pain in your right lower abdomen area and sometimes it aches around you back on the right side what can this be?

  Answer   It could be several things. First things first, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. It's always the best bet. Now, let's see. It could be a proble

Have a pain on lower right side?

I used to have a pain in my lower to mid right side (where the liver is), between the space between hip bone and breast for many years. Moderate pressure to this area would se
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Abdominal pain on the right side?

The right side of your abdomen has several organs. The lower right side is where your appendix is, so appendicitis is a possibility. Your liver and gallbladder are also on the