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Some years ago I had a lump on the right side of my lower back--I didn't even know when it first appeared--one day it was just there! Even though it was painless I went to a doctor who diagnosed it as a keloid--unfortunately I listened to that quack! Overtime (years) the lump, which started off about the size of a peanut m & m, formed a flat mass around it. It got painful (coming and going) and oftentimes it felt like a deep burning sensation and a pulling pain on the right side of my lower back and in the surrounding skin and muscles. I went to another doctor who did a CAT scan and biopsy and found that the lump was cancerous (I was lucky because the cancer was confined only to the lump and had not spread). I then had surgery to completely remove the lump and mass. Because I trusted the first doctor's opinion I waited too long and had to have a lot of extra tissue, muscle, and skin removed--leaving a large scar. Don't take chances--your ability to walk in the future could be affected if the lump is too close to your spine--I was lucky that mine was not. See a doctor right away--and for Christ's sake--get a second opinion too! Good Luck!
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You should be asking a doctor this. Medical opinions shouldn't be searched for on the internet, that should be left to people who can examine you and know what they see. You'l

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