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"Hey whats up?", "Do you want to hang out after school?"
how are you? do you want my number?
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Questions to ask a girl on phone?

If you want to date this girl, make sure you show you're interested in her personal life. Tell her about something that happened to you that made you upset/happy, and usually

How do I see what question I asked in answers?

if you want to see a list of the questions you have asked - click  on your username (top right of the screen)   Click on 'My pages' (under your profile pic)   Click '

What questions to ask a girl you like?

You can start out with a, "how are you?" for a conversation starter you can say you look nice today, or I like the way you've done your hair. What do you look for in a guy? Ho

What do you tell a girl when she asks you what you see in her?

You know this girl best, so .....  Is she pretty or cute Has she got a nice figure Has she got a  terrific personality Does she have a good sense of humor Is she fun  to be

What questions can you ask girls on a date?

  Answer     When on a date a helpful bit of advice is to always ask open- ended questions that welcome discussion. Ask questions that you are actually intere

What are 20 questions to ask a girl?

i don't know about 20 questions to ask a girl out, cuz in my opinion you'd eventually have to say 'u wanna go out?' but i can tell u 10 ways to start a converasation to as

Flirty questions to ask a girl?

what do you think about us. what is your favourite place to be kissed most prob she will say chick and tell her that's where you are going to kiss her next time you see her.

What questions can a girl ask a boy?

No, men aren't the "superior" gender. Women and men are equal we have been equal for some time. Anyhow, questions you can ask a boy anything that you feel comfortable with a
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Why does this girl ask me personal questions?

If this girl is your girlfriend, or one of your best/good/extremely close friends, I can see no problem with it, the reason is, is that when a girl is close to someone, they t
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What are 21 questions to ask girls?

What kind of music are you into?Have you seen that new movie?Whats your favorite color?Do you like Chinese?Play any instruments?What's your biggest pet peeve?What do you wanna

What are 21 questions to ask a girl?

Answer Think of it this way. How would you like to have to pass a test of 21 questions before you could date some girl that really turned you on? I bet you wouldn't like it

What good question to ask a girl?

a good question to ask a girl would be 'hi how are you my name is.......' but if she a close friend then ask her this 'hi (her name) would you like to go out with me' and she
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21 questions to ask girls?

Well you really need to think when it comes to this. Depending what you say gives certain ways and topics to ask. If you like the girl or not. If its someone you like or a gir