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The translation for '¿Quièn es ella?' is 'Who is she?'
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What does Ella es professora mean?

You need the la before professora. It would then translate  over to: "She is the teacher"

How do you respond to quien es la muchacha?

¿Quién es la muchacha? means "Who is the girl" If you don't know who she is you respond "No sé" (I don't know) or "No la conozco" (I don't know her) If you know the gir

What does Quien es mean in English?

This phrase means "Who is it?" Quién means 'who.' Es means 'is.'  The 'it' in the translation is implied.

Quien es tu amigo?

¿Quien es tu amigo? means "Who is your friend"?

What does ella es mean?

  For Spanish, it means "She is." Ella=She and "es" is the third-person conjugated form of "ser" which is "to be".

Quien es el conde lucanor?

El conde Lucanor es el protagonista de los cuentos de Don Juan Manuel en su obra más famoso Libro de los ejemplos del conde Lucanor y de Patronio. Escrito en el siglo XIV, el