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Rank of MMMEC among engineering colleges in India?

Rank of MMMEC among engineering colleges in India?
U can be sure about MMMEC GKP is not in the list of top 50 institutions in india.... In uptu it's rank varies from year to year from 1 to 2.. No doubt it's a very good and a prestigious college.. It would really be a wise decision to go for this govt. college instead of any other private college.... The main reason for, the college going through the path of success slowly is It's location.. Students fron UP opt. colleges in lucknow , ghaziabad or Noida and even from there states do the same.. So this way the cream among students are captured in the cities and the refined ones are sent here... Most of them destroy there which is really a great source of destruction for the country..............................
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What is the ranking of pdm college of engineering?

PDM College of Engineering is one of the best Engineering College in Haryana offering courses in Engineering, Computer Applications and Management Studies.
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What is the rank of cvraman engineering college in India?

for your information    CV Raman College of Engineering (CVRCE) Bhubaneswar is one of the leading engineering institutions in India. It is approved by All India Council (MORE)

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Rank of engineering college of uptu?

1. GLA Mathura 2. KIET Ghaziabad 3. ITM LUCKNOW(college code-483) 4. JSS Noida 5. RKGIT Ghaziabad 6. IMS Ghaziabad 7. BBD Lucknow 8. A.K Garg Ghaziabad 9. Idea (MORE)

What is rank of LPU in engineering colleges of India?

Ranked 11th best "Engineering College of Excellence" in India by magazine Competition Success Review (CSR)Ranked 16th Engineering Private University (all India) by Times of In (MORE)

Which are the top ranking pharmacy colleges in India?

The few good pharmacy colleges are for B.Pharm (1)L.M.C.P Ahmedabad (2)M.S Uni.Department of pharmcy (3)BITS-PILLANI (4)UDCT Mumbai (5)BHU (6)Punjab university (7)Nirma uni (MORE)

What is the ranking of ramjas college in India?

  Ramjas College one of the three constituent colleges of the Delhi University,is now ranked second to Loyola college of in Chennai for pursuing art courses.The English,Hi (MORE)