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Dental Hygiene is not only for your Oral health but it is necessary for your over all fitness.
There are many reason to make your teeth clean some of them are:
  • To prevent gum disease
  • To keep your teeth
  • To have a brighter smile
  • To prevent bad breath
  • To help maintain overall health
  • To make the most of your dental benefits
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How do you clean teeth?

Brush your teeth with toothpaste, brush lightly and in circles for about 1 minute. Then you should rinse your mouth out with water then rinse it out with Listerine, be sure to

When do you have to clean your teeth?

You have to clean your teeth at least twice a day. Mouth wash is suitable to use afterwards, try not to have fizzy drinks before going to bed as the bacteria will wrot your te

Reasons for cleaning?

the only reason people clean is because you dont want your stuff to get dirty cause if it does then it will get full of germs and bacteria and you will die (: . ily erin!

Why do you have to clean your teeth?

Teeth get decayed when the bacteria (plaque) that lives in your mouth sticks to your teeth, feeds on the carbohydrates (eg. sugar, starch etc) that you eat and the produces ac

Who cleans teeth?

you or your parents or dentists

What degree do you have to have to clean dogs teeth?

Cleaning a dogs teeth is simple, you don't have to have anything apart from a toothbrush and doggy toothpaste. Make sure your dog is calm and use your hand to lift up your dog

Wash your teeth or clean your teeth?

The technical way of saying it is clean your teeth, as you scrub them and use a tooth paste (a cleaner) ...then your teeth are clean.

How can you get clean teeth?

You can get clean teeth by simply ordering this natural toothbrush. www.miswakstick.com At this site you will find so much information about this amazing organic method of cl

Does cheddar cheese clean teeth?

Studies have shown that cheese helps kill off the bacteria in the mouth. So nibbling some cheese after a meal is going to help with oral hygiene, but it is no substitute for b