Should drug dealers have a harsher punishment?

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If someone on parole threatens you and he is a known drug dealer what should you do?

Who knows he is a drug dealer? Only you and his clients or does he have a police record for this crime? Why is he threatening you? Do you owe him money for drugs? (Sorry, h

Why should people give harsher punishments to people who are cruel to animals?

The only reason harsher punishment is suggested when a wrong is committed is to satisfy the want for cruelty in those that do the punishing. and in the case of the law to seem

Should animal abusers have a harsher punishment?

Most Animal abusers are charged with a 1,000 dollar fine and sentenced 2 days in jail, but in my opinion i think the punishment should be larger then that. Just because most a

Should parents be punished for their children's illegal drug use?

If the children are under legal responsibility age then the parents should most definitely be punished for allowing illegal activities, but if over this age then the culprits

What should you do if a drug dealer approaches you?

Call for help, run away, if the dealer is being aggressive about it. Otherwise, you can remain calm and simply decline the offer. Most dealers will take no for an answer; th

Why should drug dealers be put away for selling iilegal drugs?

Drug dealers are put away because they are distributing illegal substances.... Now the US could eliminate black market and illegal operations if they would tax and regulate t
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I know that child abusers tend to repeat the crime when they're released and that it can ruin the life of the abused person but what are some other reasons they should get harsher punishments?

Child abusers tend to repeat the crime when they're released and that it can ruin the life of the abused person. There are many other reasons why they should get harsher punis
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Should you date a drug dealer?

Of course not, what kind of a question is that! Just like youshouldn't date anyone involved in criminal activities. You can'tchoose who you fall in love with, but you can choo