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Should there be ban on fashion shows?

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Yes, if you want to ban all forms of fun.
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Is there a Jojo's fashion show 3?

Jojo's Fashion Show 3 will be released on October 12th by iwin. The game's official site gives the following description:    iWin's smash hit fashion series is back with

What is the purpose of fashion shows?

The purpose of fashion shows is to show off the upcoming line of clothing from a particular designer. The designer highlights the clothing and the way they want it to be seen

How do you do a ramp walk in fashion show?

Practice, practice, practice! Females should learn to live in heels (4 inches at least for runway) and practice walking on flat, sleek floors (not carpet). It helps to place a

Why should advertising be banned in children's television shows?

It should be banned because between the ages of 0-5 children have difficulty understanding that commercials are merely confabulations and that products do not actually functio

What is the importance of fashion shows?

  Fashion shows are used to show of f your clothing to the city and to the world. Every year New York has its famous Fashion Week in Bryant Park where the newly discovered

Why do fashion designers hold fashion shows?

To showcase their upcoming line of clothing.    The contributor above has given a fine answer to the question of  way fashion designers hold fashion shows. As a former

Criteria for judging a fashion show?

relevance,audince impact,projection,introduction

Why should cigarettes should be banned?

Cigarettes should be banned because they can damage your lungs.

Why do we need fashion shows?

We don't need it. People pour so much money into creating clothes that no one is going to wear and hold shows that has essentially no point. This is just my one-sided opinion.

Advantage disadvantage fashion show?

Here are some. Advantages: Wearing stylish, yet clean-cut tailored clothes can cause others to take you more seriously in the office. Dressing consevatively in a court of law
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How Do you join a fashion show on webkinz?

Well it's very easy!Here are the simple "steps" of how to get into a webkinz fashion show: 1.Simply go to the webkinz stadium in the "Things to do" menu. 2.Then click on t
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Themes for fashion shows?

Summer, Spring and Fall are all popular. You could also do decades (50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, etc.) or try something different like Prom, black and white, or a color scheme.