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Should there be ban on fashion shows?

Should there be ban on fashion shows?
Yes, if you want to ban all forms of fun.
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You had a prominent career in theater, and even had an award-winning one-woman play! How does the theater compare to acting on film and TV for you?

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Is there a Jojo's fashion show 3?

Jojo's Fashion Show 3 will be released on October 12th by iwin. The game's official site gives the following description:    iWin's smash hit fashion series is back with (MORE)

How can you show your designs in a fashion show?

1. First, you'll need to find a fashion show in your area. Check your city's local magazines, as magazines are usually the hosts of fashion shows. Contact their fashion/style (MORE)

Why were freak shows banned?

Freak shows were banned because they exploited people that were  disadvantaged. It was not fair and just for people to put on  display because of physical anomalies.
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Should offensive music be banned?

Opinion NO! Answer In the US, even offensive music is protected by First Amendment to our Bill of Rights. Objectionable material can be limited to where it is not a nuisance (MORE)

What is the importance of fashion shows?

  Fashion shows are used to show of f your clothing to the city and to the world. Every year New York has its famous Fashion Week in Bryant Park where the newly discovered (MORE)

12 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fails

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has become one of the most popular television events. But it's not all leggy models and unbelievably expensive lingerie. Check out th (MORE)
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Cigarette Bans in the United States

The issue of cigarette bans began as a controversial one in the United Sates, with the tobacco industry mounting an extensive and well-funded campaign to muddy the waters in r (MORE)

Should television for children be banned?

Advertisements aimed at children should be banned because they make the children to make wrong decisions, forces them to consume or buy things which are harmful by advertising (MORE)

What are opinions about if reality shows for children should be banned?

I feel as though parents should ban their children from watching certain tv shows. society today is getting very explicit to the point that its ridiculous. even cartoons are g (MORE)

What is the purpose of fashion shows?

The purpose of fashion shows is to show off the upcoming line of clothing from a particular designer. The designer highlights the clothing and the way they want it to be seen (MORE)

How do you do a ramp walk in fashion show?

Practice, practice, practice! Females should learn to live in heels (4 inches at least for runway) and practice walking on flat, sleek floors (not carpet). It helps to place a (MORE)

Why should advertising be banned in children's television shows?

It should be banned because between the ages of 0-5 children have difficulty understanding that commercials are merely confabulations and that products do not actually functio (MORE)