Should you be worried if your penis is soft before erections?

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Should you be worried about your small penis?

Not at all! First, most men who think their penis is small actually have totally normal sized penises - see the related link for actual measurements. Second, even if you do ha

You are 15 years old with a 4.5 inch penis erect im only 5feet 3 in height and am a late developer should you be worried?

No, as you have said you are a "late developer" and now that you have begun to develop you should find that your height and penis length will increase as part of the process o

You are 13 and your penis is 14 cm non erect should you be worried?

wow,you are an idiot. No, you shouldn't be worried. You may not have begun puberty yet and no matter how small it is flacid, it is the erect size that matters. Many men with l
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Im 13 and my penis is 4in soft and 5in hard should i be worried?

What's there to be worried about? You have a penis. Big deal. >_> You're 13 and should not even be thinking about that kind of stuff, quite frankly. Wait until you're 15, a
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My penis is 1 when erected should it be bigger?

It depends on your unit of measurement. If you mean 1cm or 1 inch, then your penis will most likely grow larger as you progress through puberty, but if your unti of measuremen
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Should you be worried about the amount of sugar in soft drinks?

Sugar in itself is not a bad thing but too much can definitely have adverse effects. An old but very true motto to live by is "everything in moderation." Here are some of the