Should you concentrate on the species people like best?

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What should you do if your brother likes your best friend?

Answer . You should probably do as you would with any other guy your friend likes. Except, in this case, he is your brother, so there would be boundaries in talking about him to her. He has some rights to privacy (personal home activities, thoughts, etc.) and you should not cross those. She is y (MORE)

What should you do when your best friend likes your boyfriend?

I am in that exact situation where my best friend likes myboyfriend, at first I was really surprised cause she always saidthat she hated him, but I talked to her about it and I am ok withit now because my bestfriend would never think about stealing myboyfriend. If you feel like you can't trust your (MORE)

What should you do if your best friend likes your boyfriend?

I advise that you tell your boyfriend about it and your concern, he should not show interest in her because if he absolutely loves you he won't even consider her. Do not directly confront your friend about it because it is nothing really serious, just focus on strengthening your relationship with yo (MORE)

Which sport do people like best?

baseball, definately. ^^IMPROVED^^. By far soccer. Soccer has the most Fans out of everyother sport played in the world. It has about 3.3-3.5 BILLION fans. =D Soccer/Futbol wins =D

What should you do if you like two people?

If you're already with someone, don't cheat. It's not worth it.However you feel about either of them, NOTHING is worth cheating.Try to see both of them separately, and this should be easy even ifyou're with someone because not letting you meet up with someoneelse isn't right on their half. But be se (MORE)

Why should people be concerned about the endangered species?

Once the endangered animals are gone they won't come back. They are a important role in wildlif, if we take them out the whole system will be disrupted. Because if some animals start to become extinct they could ruin the food chain and sometimes effect us or other creatures. For example, . snake. (MORE)

Why should people like dogs?

Because dogs are loyal friends. They don't care if your ugly or smelly. If you feed them and love them, they will always be by your side...literally. My dog loves me and shes 7 years old. Whatever room im in, she follows. And if your crying, they'll lick your face to make you feel better. plus, they (MORE)

Why should people likes you?

\nPeople will like you because of your inherent traits, and how you can benefit them. Of course, this is at a very basic level, and there are many other aspects layered on top.\n. \nYou might be very physically attractive, or extremely funny. In the first case, they might like you because a friends (MORE)

You like your girlfriends best friend what should you do?

Break up with your girlfriend-it is NOT fair to her. If you want to be a GREAT guy, don't go after her best friend. Don't ruin their friendship, please. And if her best friend is a good friend, she won't go out with you anyways. Friends should come first to her. Sorry :/ Its a sucky situation

What should you do if your best friend is not liked by a lot of people and is called a snob but you like her and you want to hang out with different people than just her?

If you enjoy someone else's company do ever let what others say intervene. You can make up your own mind with whom you choose to spend your time. Try to balance your time between your friends and things will fall into place. Remember don't allow peer pressure to overcome you - make your own choices (MORE)

Why should people like Mexico?

well maybe because everyone likes us because we're nice and thoughtful. unlike some people who are being very retarted and stupid. MY GOD DON"T BE RACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(idiot!)

What should you do if you like your best friends brother?

To like your boyfriend's brother can be really stressful. Especially when you see them all the time. But, what if you like some things about your boyfriend, but other things about his brother? It's hard, I know. Really hard. Personally, I think you should give you and your boyfriend a chance, see ho (MORE)

What should you do if your best friend likes you?

it depends how old you are and how mature you are. things are alot different as an older, maturer adult then they are in school.. Ask him/her out. I'm sure it will go well seing as how you know each other pretty well.

Why should people like footballl?

people should like football because its exciting and gives u a rush! u get to b spirited and have fun! Well, it can be more exciting than other sports but not all people like 'footie' best, I amn't too keen on it, but half my school play it! I agree with the answer above too x

What should you do if you like your best friend but he has a girlfriend?

Well im in the same situation. My best friend happens to be a boy, and over time i have fell for him and we have become alot closer also. The sad thing is, he has a million girls chasing him all the time and it kills me having to see him with them and then listen to him talking about them, while i s (MORE)

What should you do if you like your best friends crush?

You should tell him/her that you like them, and if they get mad or ask you to not ask him/her out because they will, leave their crush alone and wait for him/her to get over them, or if they start going out, wait for them to break up, and then make your move.

Should you like your best friend?

It depends what way you mean. If you mean like as in fancy then theres nothing wrong with that. If you mean like as in friendship like then obviously otherwise they aren't your best friend.

What animals do people like the best?

Depends on your definition of like. Animals tend to serve as companions, objects to care for/nurture, and as means. They provide sources of food, protection, entertainment, and transportation to name a few. Particular affection is thought to be paid to animals that deemed small, helpless, resembling (MORE)

Why should people like football?

Well. Whoever is asking this question why did you ask it? It is a freedom of speech. Not everyone has to like football. It's their opinion. For Instance let's say you hate basketball (even though you may love basketball) let's just say you hate it. It's like your best friend coming up to you and say (MORE)

What should you do if my best friend likes my brother?

Be upfront with your friend and consider what would be best for the two of them. You both equally care for your best friend and your brother and would hate to see them get hurt. If you know that each of them would be pretty good together, then support her crush. If not, then you should talk to her (MORE)

How were peoples lifes like in a concentration camp like?

Concentration camps refer to enclosures that detained political prisoners or criminals. The basic objective was to retain these people within manned limits and exploit their services. However, the term was made rather unpopular during World War II, when Adolf Hitler had 20,000 such camps established (MORE)