Should you concentrate on the species people like best?

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Why should people be concerned about the endangered species?

Once the endangered animals are gone they won't come back. They are a important role in wildlif, if we take them out the whole system will be disrupted. Because if some anima

What should you do if your best friend is not liked by a lot of people and is called a snob but you like her and you want to hang out with different people than just her?

If you enjoy someone else's company do ever let what others say intervene. You can make up your own mind with whom you choose to spend your time. Try to balance your time betw

What people were taken into concentration camps like Auschwitz?

Most people taken into concentration camps were Jewish people. Anyone who hid a Jewish person or who had any contact with a Jewish person was taken to a concentration camp. So
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Should people be concerned about endangered species?

Yes, because if an animal gets endangered and then the population of the animal is gone, you won't be able to see or even hear about the animal that much.
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How were peoples lifes like in a concentration camp like?

Concentration camps refer to enclosures that detained political prisoners or criminals. The basic objective was to retain these people within manned limits and exploit their s