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Should you seal natural stone flagstone patio?

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Sealing natural stone is advisable, to protect it against stains and deterioration from rain and sun. The best sealers for this purpose are impregnating sealers. They absorb deep into the stone, last a long time and don't change the appearance of the stone.
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Can Clorox clean mold from patio stones?

Yes. But be careful and test in an inconspicuous area. Bleach is caustic and can damage certain surface. Also make sure you dilute it with water. Maybe a 40% bleach and 60% wa

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How do you lay a stone patio?

Laying a stone patio   Planning   * Sketch the proposed patio.  * Show the dimensions.  * Show the layout of stones if there is to be a set pattern.  * Decide

How do you get rid of weeds between patio stones?

  Spray vinegar on weeds, make sure they are saturated and it is a dry day within couple of days the weeds are dead. When you see more weeds coming up spray more vinergar.

How do you seal brick patio?

Clean it thoroughly preferably with an outdoor cleaning product and a pressure washer. After drying, paint on a watering resistant coating. Behr Concrete and Masonry waterproo

What should the pitch of your patio cover be if the patio is 20ft by 20ft?

  Answer     A 1/4" per foot is standard, therefore in twenty feet the furthest point would be 5" below the high point. You can make it flatter (3 or 4 inch dro

How tall should a patio umbrella be?

The average height of a patio umbrella is eight feet tall. However, you may want to buy and install a patio umbrella which is higher than eight feet tall. The taller the umbre

How do you seal a chattahoochee patio?

    we painted ours with alkyd based Porch and Floor enamel. It holds the loose stones down and gives a fresh color. However, it took a 1"nap roller, and paint thinn

Can you mix epoxy seal krete with patio paint?

  No, Seal-Krete Epoxy-Seal is an acrylic-epoxy blend. By mixing 2 unlike resins (patio paint and Epoxy-Seal) the hard Epoxy-Seal acrylic-epoxy resins would become weak re