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Sikap positif terhadap pancasila dalam kehidupan berbangsa dan bernegara?

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Aku gak tau,,,!!! bingung,,,??
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In an interview, Executive Producer Bertram van Munster said, "it's about time we start developing a new genre, we open new doors, we create a fairy tale and now we put reality contestants in this world, and you get very unexpected reactions as a result of that." What sort of reactions have you received from viewers so far?

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Bagaimanakah contoh cerita rakyat dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya?

Sangkuriang Long time ago in West Java, lived a beautiful girl named Dayang Sumbi. She was also smart and clever. Her beauty and intelligence made a prince from the heavenly (MORE)

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Berikan takrif gelagat organisasi dan jelaskan bagaimana ianya digunakan dalam organisasi?

Gelagat organisasi adalah satu bidang kajian yang menyelidik gelagat dalam organisasi iaitu individu, kelompok dan juga struktur. Di samping itu juga, OB akan menggunakan sega (MORE)
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Answers with Dan Nainan

Comedian Dan Nainan talks about President Barack Obama's reaction to his performance.What is your favorite impression to perform, and why?I love doing the Bill Clinton impress (MORE)

A Tennessee Girl Born Without Feet Gets Puppy Without a Paw. His Name's Lt. Dan.

Sapphyre Johnson was born with no feet and missing fingers. Her mother was contacted by a dog owner who had a dog with no paw and wanted a child in similar circumstances to ha (MORE)

Sgt Dan Daly, USMC: "the outstanding Marine of all time"

SgtMaj Daniel "Dan" Daly (1873-1937) was a U.S. Marine and one of only nineteen men to have earned the Medal of Honor twice. As the Marine attack faltered at Belleau Wood in W (MORE)
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Dan Stevens Set To Play The Beast In Disney's Upcoming Live-Action 'Beauty and the Beast'

First we learned that Emma Watson will be playing Belle in Disney's live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast," and now we know that she'll be joined by Dan Stevens as the B (MORE)
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The 20 Most Epic Dan Bilzerian Instagrams Of 2014

Dubbed Instagram's most interesting man, Dan Bilzerian has become one of most talked about people in the world. Beautiful women, private planes, luxury yachts, Avantador's an (MORE)
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Utah Man Finds $22,000 In A Bag On Highway And Returns It

Dan Kennedy made a surprising discovery when he stopped to move a large bag off the highway. Fearing the bag would be a road hazard, he decided to pull over and move it off th (MORE)

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Apa manfaat angin bagi kehidupan?

Apa saja sih manfaat angin bagi manusia? Baiklah, kakak akan menjelaskan beberapa manfaat angin. Simak baik-baik ya! Adik-adik tahu nelayan kan? Yaitu orang yang pekerjaannya (MORE)

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Contoh teks dekriptif dalam bahasa Inggris dan terjemahannya?

Relly Komaruzaman I know an English teacher in my hometown. His name is Relly Komaruzaman. He is a new teacher in my school. Relly Komaruzaman is a young man. He is a sing (MORE)

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Manfaat atmosfer bagi kehidupan?

A. Arti Definisi/Pengertian Atmosfer (Atmosfir) Atmosfer adalah lapisan udara yang terdiri dari campuran berbagai gas yang menyelimuti suatu planet baik planet bumi, merkuriu (MORE)