Some argue that wind power should be used more than it is now What argument could someone make against the use of wind power?

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It can only be used in windy parts of the country.

Why should you use wind power?

well we should use wind power because it doesnt create any air pollutants and is free of harmful green house gases.

Where is wind power being used?

cornwall. Fossil fuel plants must be placed nearby (running at full power) to ensure continuous power. Thus the system is hardly green, but great for P.R.

How can wind power is used?

Wind power generates electricity, just like coal, water and solar power generate electricity. Electricity is a key utility in modern life, nearly everywhere in the world.
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How can you use wind power?

wind power is caused by the sun and heats the atmosphere, this causes normal winds.
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Where is wind power used in Canada?

The Canadian Wind power Association has a nice map which shows the locations where wind generators are operating in wind farms.
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What are three reasons to use wind power now and in the future?

The first reason is they are non polluting, second the energy source to run them is free, third most wind powered devices, are very low maintenance. The only real hindereces a