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Some computer related questions for bank clerical exam?

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What are some computer questions?

WikiAnswers has a lot of computer-related questions on its website, both answered and unanswered questions. WikiAnswers also has several categories dedicated to computer-relat

How do you write descriptive questions for bank exams?

Bank exams descriptive questions are just for qualifying purpose therefore they don't require as much preparation as needed by the objective questions. Descriptive questions

What type of questions are on the PTCB exam?

the exam has math, law, pharmacology, some brand & generic drugs also some classifications, assisting the pharmacist, inventory, some questions like what can a technician do &

Why did some people question the constitutionality of a national bank?

They thought a national bank would hurt the economy. One claim is that the so-called national bank system is not really national at all. The US is its own sovereign nation. Wo