Swelling behind the knee with pain inside lower leg?

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Believe it or not, it may be sciatica. If you lie on your back, with a pillow under your knees--and put heat under the back of the knee, you may find some temporary relief. However, you probably need to visit a doctor or physical therapist to relieve the issue.
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Does swelling in lower legs be caused by emphysema?

Probably. If you have emphysema and cannot breathe well, not enough oxygen is going through your body. Swelling of the legs could be a symptom of it not getting enough oxygen.

You have swelling in the right lower leg without pain?

Answer . It sounds like edema. The following link will have some information pertaining to the above mentioned - you will want to have this checked as it can be the cause o

Why sharp pain behind knee?

I have this problem right now. I am researching and they say there are 3 reasons: 1) Arthritis 2) Pulled muscle (usually the hamstring) 3) Cyst I can tell you i have osteo in

Pain inside core of lower leg?

Pain inside of the core of your lower leg could have many causes.You may have fractured a bone for example.
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Why sharp pain behind the knee?

Sharp pain behind the knee can be caused by different things andmore information is needed before this can be answered. If it is asharp pain it may be from either a small musc