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Syntax of for loop in c language?

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While loop in C language?

While loop is one of the type of loops that C language offers, they are usually used when you are not concerned about the number of iterations a loop will follow. For exampl

What is a for loop in c language?

For loop is "Counter controlled loop" i.e. a counter or control variable is used to process the for loop , as discussed in earlier chapters.For loop is an "Entry controlled lo

What is looping statement in c language?

It is a statement that will keep repeating whatever is in the loop.  So one possible loop you could have in your code would be a loop to  keep asking for an input until the

What is SYNTAX of malloc and calloc in C language?

int *p = (int*) malloc (n*sizeof(int*)); where n is the number of units you wish to allocate. Always remember to check the result of a malloc operation before continuing t

How do you terminate in C language a loop?

The keyword "break" will immediately terminate the enclosing loop. Otherwise using conditions in the loop will terminate the loop once the condition becomes false. eg in

What is for looping in c language?

The for loop is another entry-controlled loop that provides a more concise loop control structure.The general form of the for loop is   for( initialization

What is importance of loop in c language?

importance of loops in any programming language is immense, they allow us to reduce the number of lines in a code, making our code more readable and efficient, many problems e