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Immersion in a river for 3 days
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It could be argued that you have one of the greatest jobs in America. If you weren't hosting for "Chug" in the upcoming months, what would you be doing?

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In Sikhism

Describe the five Ks of Sikhism?

The 5Ks (kakaars) are:   Kesh - unshorn hair. This represents the natural appearance of sainthood and submission to God's will. This is the first token of Sikh faith.  Kan (MORE)

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What a religious experience?

What is a religious experience? When you feel God really close to you. It can happen anytime, not necessarily at church, and helps to ground you in your faith. Other kinds o (MORE)

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Is there an example of a religious experience?

Paul's conversion in the book of acts in the bible. Same with all of Jesus desciples, then and now. Note that classical religious experience is nearly identical to what is now (MORE)

How to Handle Religious Differences in a Relationship

Many people cherish their spiritual beliefs and inclinations. Some are mildly religious, while others' faith makes up the core of their identity. Faith practices play an inter (MORE)

Founders of Canada: John Cabot

Did John Cabot (Zuan Chabotto) really discover Canada in 1497? Historians aren't sure, but his adventures and discoveries played a key role in Canadian history. (MORE)

Collecting Rosaries

Rosaries survive. They are never discarded. As a result, they appear regularly at garage sales and in the cases of jewelry dealers at antiques shows. They are collected pri (MORE)

The seven most disturbing psychology experiments

Experimentation is the lifeblood of the social science universe. Theories about human behavior are one thing but only hard data can provide evidence of how people interact in (MORE)

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Are religious experiences real?

yes   im not a religious person   i beive in god and all   but i have had religious experiences   "is was pouring down rain and i could bearly see i prayed and sai (MORE)

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What are the five great religious founders?

Five great religious founders include: Jesus, who is responsible  for Christianity. In the early 7th century, Muhammad found Islam.  L. Ron Hubbard found the Church of Scien (MORE)