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The condition of having a stone lodged in a ureter is known as?

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according to my text book Medical Terminology for Health Professonals Sixth Edition, the answer is Uretherolith- is a stone located anywhere along the ureter.

ureterolithiasis is the correct answer
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What is the medical term meaning stone in the ureter?

Ureterolithiasis is the term for a calculus (stone) lodged in the ureter. The ureteral stone (more commonly a "kidney stone"), is a chunk of insoluble material, usually ca

What is a stone called when it is in the ureter?

When a stone is in the ureter, it is called a kidney stone. Symptoms of a kidney stone are extreme abdominal pain, blood in the urine, and back pain in the lower areas (tailbo

Which term refers to treatment for a nephrolith lodged in the ureter?

Ureteroscopy: is a treament for a nephrolithlodged in the ureter ( ureter/o meansureter, and - scopy means visualexamination). A specialized instrument called a Uretero