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Does the idea of reincarnation or heaven and hell make more sense?

There are so many mysteries out there. It is natural for people to"make-up" Heaven and Hell as a way to calm them in life, so whensomebody hurts them they can think "well, when that person goes toHell they will regret what they did to me." Or it could very wellbe true to. I personally believe in reincarnation because it makesso much more sense to me. It's hard for me to believe that a Godwho loves us will send us to Hell for stupid mistakes. "Hell"actually comes from the Greek word "Hel" which simply means "awayfrom the light". Preists started making "Hell" sound worse andworse because people were "sinning" more and they feared they wouldleave Christianity. There are two main emotions that humans haveand they are love and fear.The fear of going to Hell and the lovefor your family and fearing not to see them in heaven combines tocreate the Hell fearing God fearing religion of (really strong)Christianity (very very strong Christianity not to insult anybody).I am still a Christian and I go to church but it's very hard for meto believe in a cruel God. I believe in Christianity, (especially)Native American, Eastern, the Jewish story and much more. I am veryopen and love learning new things. You should really look up Karma(Bhuddism) and Native Americans beliefs, I live by them day by day.My advise to you and to anybody who may be reading this is tofollow your heart and listen to what it's telling you. Only YOUknow. Everything that I have just said was in MY personal opinion,I don't want to offend anybody because we are all allowed tobelieve what we choose. Answer Apparently some Christians continued to believe in reincarnationeven after the Council of Nicaea, because in A.D. 553 the Churchfound the need to single out reincarnation and condemn itexplicitly. At the Second Council of Constantinople the concept ofreincarnation, bundled together with other ideas under the term"pre-existence of the soul", was decreed to be a crime worthy ofexcommunication and damnation ("anathema"): Answer I like a previous answer that hell is the absence of light. Lightis awareness. Heaven on earth can be produced by bringing forthinto the conscious mind the spirit of the superconscious mind whichhouses the blue print for us to become whole. Hell is what wecreate for ourselves by doing otherwise. Heaven or hell is not somefar off place at some other time. It is now. We initiate with ourintention to seek first the kingdom of heaven and this is within. Reincarnation is necessary because we must come to an understandingof the 144,000 parts of ourselves, or ways of thinking. Can anyoneimagine doing all this in one lifetime? Answer According to the Bible hell is a place of torment forever removedfrom God's presence. Reincarnation is forbidden, "For it isappointed once for man to die, then the judgment" and Heaven isGod's dwelling place and only he decides how you must qualify to gothere. Now if man was their own god then perhaps they could choose what"existence" they would have after death, however GOD is the onethat created the "spirit realm" and governs it his way. Since "eternity" wasn't created by man but GOD then I will acceptGOD'S answer over man's. Men ARE they're own god.... And we DO choose which existence wechoose to actualize into physical reality..... So not only is therereincarnation, but multiple INCARNATIONS...... Many differentaspects of our soul focused in different areas.... Answer There is no evidence from the texts or normal observation thatreincarnation exists. I think the reason for making up this theorywas that human can't simply get the fact that when his body decaysand becomes earth again (transforms into its 1ry components whichare then reused by plants in the normal life circle) that his very1ry components could be collected again to bring him back to lifeafter death, or because man believes that his soul and body are onecompartment and can't be separated apart, so he assumed that everypart of his decayed body carries part of his soul as well. Answer Without the Quranic scriptures I woldn't get the understanding ofthis whole issue. According to what I got from the Quran, man consists of a physicalbody and a soul, a soul of his own, that soul was present therebefor the man's birth, Allah brought all the soules before Him andwitnessed them that He is their only God.., they were thenpreserved there to be placed in bodies when time comes for them tocome to life.. 172. And (remember) when thy Lord brought forth from theChildren of Adam, from their reins, their seed, and made themtestify of themselves, (saying): Am I not your Lord ? They said:Yea, verily. We testify. (That was) lest ye should say at the Dayof Resurrection: Lo! of this we were unaware; 173. Or lest ye should say: (It is) only (that) our fathersascribed partners to Allah of old and we were (their) seed afterthem. Wilt Thou destroy us on account of that which those whofollow falsehood did ? when human gets sleep, his soul is partly taken out of his body, sosome see visions that may come true in real life for they haveclear transparent souls, and this is why we should wake thesleeping person calmly, otherwise it would affect his internalorgans, and weakens his heart. 42. Allah receiveth (men's) souls at the time of theirdeath, and that (soul) which dieth not (yet) in its sleep. Hekeepeth that (soul) for which He hath ordained death and dismisseththe rest till an appointed term. Lo! herein verily are portents forpeople who take thought. As for the 1st answer, I'd like to make a comment.. it's God'sjustice that obliges questioning every human for all he did, smallor big, all is being written in files, but being questioned meanspunishment, coz when God forgives, He never asks. But, concerningfaults done towards others, God would bring the two conflictinghumans and urge both to forgive each others and win extra place inheaven, but if this was a big sin, like killing, or accusation ofprostitute... etc, the doer of such sins will pay for them some ofhis good deeds as a price to the other party, but if his good deedsdidn't fulfil that price, the remainder would be some bad deeds ofthe other party to be added to his, that means his fortune of gooddeeds is out, he'd then dwell to Hell. All precisely weighed, Subhan Allah! ANSWER The idea that resurrection isn't possible isn't a new one. It wassomething which was even challenged by the Arabs of ProphetMuhammad (Pbuh) time. Quran addresses this issue in various ways.Firstly it asks man with a counter question? To give you anexample; Have they not seen that God, Who created the heavens and theearth and was not wearied by their creation, is able to give lifeto the dead? Surely He has power over every-thing. (46:33) Does man think that he will be left to himself uncontrolled(without purpose)? Was he not a drop of fluid which gushed forth?Then he became a clinging clot; then He shaped and fashioned, andmade of him a pair, the male and female. Is He then not able toraise the dead to life? (75:36-40) It reminds humans that you were created from a drop of semen, itask us to reflect as to what is a more difficult process, creatingyou from a drop of semen or giving you life when you were dead orjust collecting all the remains (minerals, bones etc) and bringingyou back into life again. Answer Aha. You are very clever to ask such a subtle trick question.Neither reincarnation nor heaven/hell make any sense at all, andthat is a crucial point, for both people of faith and for skepticsand non-believers in general. Such concepts belong to a realm thatis outside of 'sense'; they are not nor can they be part of oursensory or experiential world. They belong to the realm of faithwhich is unassailable from the point of view of believers, andirrelevant/unprovable from the point of view of non-believers.These concepts are part of the unseen things hoped for bybelievers; the essence of faith. If they were provable, and theyare certainly not, then faith would be utterly meaningless. Answer For time immemorial mankind want to find answers for the unansweredquestions. Relegions had come forward and tried to provide ananswers to such questions. All relegions are started/ by humansintellegent, Charisnatic and Great people ( though almost all claimthat they have reveleation from GOD). To all such questions theanswer is all powerful, all pervasive GOD. It fills the gap. But itdoes not satisfies the intellegent mind.So it was natural to showsome kind fear and reward( Carrot and stick) . Hell and heaven arethese carrot and stick. When asked for proof the answer invariablyin all the relegions more or less is " Those who have faith (TheBelievers) do not question and those who do not have faith (NonBeliever) will never get the answer". Answer I think that it would be a bit of both, because I believe in godand stuff but I don't believe that you could stay in one place forall eternity, because even if you did everything possible to dothere it would only be a fraction of a percent of your time there.I think that when you die you get punished for your sins orrewarded for your goodness but when your time is right you returnto earth again to keep the cycle growing. You see, if you believethat you have a soul, like many people do, then it would be anenergy, which couldn't be destroyed OR created, so you haveprobably lead many lives before this both in heaven, hell and onearth. Answer In my opinion, reincarnation makes much more sense. On the otherhand, I don't disbelieve in Heaven and Hell. Instead, I believe ina bit of a combination of the two. The idea of karma determiningwhat your next life is like helps this idea, because it would makesense that those who build up a large amount of bad karma spendtheir next life in a different plane containing "Hell", and if theycomplete the reincarnation cycle you end up in "Heaven". On theother hand, the Christian/other major religions idea of Heaven andHell makes less sense, giving you one lifetime to live as youshould and if you don't, you are doomed to an eternity of sufferingin hell Answer Well, I bet to Hindus reincarnation. and to Christians (and manyother religions) Heaven and Hell. Neither can be proved by science,so neither make much sense. but I like the idea of going to Heavenbetter than being reincarnated. I mean, I've been on this worldonce, and once is enough for me. I like the thought of going tosomeplace so much better than earth better than living on earthagain and again. Answer There's some questions you'll never get the answer for, justbelieve in what your heart tells you. Also, not to make the lastreply sound incorrect(everyone is entitled to there own opinion)buthe/she said, "because even if you did everything possible to dothere it would only be a fraction of a percent of your time there".Think more positive, like maybe there is an unlimited amount ofthings to do. If you believe in god then believe that he's activeand in positive ways. Answer Which number is bigger: 100 trillion trillion trillion, or 100trillion trillion trillion plus one? One number might in fact bebigger, but does the difference mean anything at all? Neither ofthese approaches to life/death makes much sense at all; if there isany difference in sense it is meaningless. It is a matter of faith,and what you have been taught, what you believe, what you haveexperienced in life and what you hope for. But if you are lookingfor something 'sensible', these choices will not do it. Answer Heaven and Hell, according to the most Biblically-based Christianbeliefs, indicate that after death, there are two possibledestinations. Either a person's soul goes to join with God, or itdoesn't. Consider the Bible also teaches that each man and woman's soulcomes from God, and it seems rather simple to say that the soulcomes from God, lives on Earth, then returns to the immaterialsuper-nature from which it came. It's a single round trip, so tospeak. Reincarnation, according to some Eastern religious beliefs,suggests that a soul starts life as an insect or other tinycreature. It lives and dies, then either moves to a moresophisticated creature or a more humiliating creature, depending onhow it lived its life. Eventually, the purest souls are incarnatedas humans. If they die having lived a good enough life, they makethe final move up to whatever is next. Theories vary, but generallyit's a land of gods or pure joy or nirvana or other places that'dbe nice to be. The prospect of Heaven and Hell rely, essentially, on how God dealswith His creation (much like how a parent deals with an unrulychild). The prospect of reincarnation rely on the assumption that all soulsare trying to better themselves out of some forgotten butinstinctually necessary desire to move up in the cosmic ladder ofgoodness. Or, to put it in a much simpler way, reincarnation assumes peopleare generally good while Christianity acknowledges that people areinherently bad. So look at the world- all of it, from love to hate to greed toselflessness- and decide. Are most people good or bad at heart? Answer The concept of heaven and hell, as well as reincarnation, both makesense and both exist. Most early Christians actually believed in reincarnation. An earlyChristian leader in the third century named Origen espoused it. Inthe sixth century, the head of the Christian Church was EmperorJustinian, who could and did overrule the papacy. Pope Vigilius andEmperor Justinian had a disagreement as to whether the teachings ofOrigen should be part of official Christian theology. Justiniancondemned Origen, had Pope Vigilius arrested and put in jail forrefusing to sign a papal decree condemning Origen's teaching onreincarnation, and ordered all references of reincarnation omittedfrom the Bible - including an entire chapter devoted to it. From that point on, anyone caught teaching the doctrine of rebirthfaced governmental prosecution. However, minor references to itstill remain in the Bible. With the Church desiring greater controlover the masses, they wanted people to think that they only haveone shot at salvation - only through the Church - and that there isno chance to have another life later on. Free-thinking individualswho espoused reincarnation were thought of as a threat to Churchcontrol and were suppressed. This is the real reason whyreincarnation is not part of official Christian theology and is nottaught in Christian Sunday school and in seminary today. Notbecause it was ordained that reincarnation doesn't happen butbecause a long-dead emperor wanted to gain more control over themasses. Evidence for the validity of the doctrine of rebirth is found inpast-life regression studies as well as within near-deathexperience research. It is suggested to do an online search onthese topics. As is confirmed by near-death experience research, when we crossover into Spirit, we face a nonliving, infinite, higher power knownas The Breath of God, The Light of God, and simply The Light. Thishigher power judges us according to our application of The GoldenRule, our selflessness (or lack thereof), and by our ability tolove genuinely and deeply. How we have lived our life dictates howfar we can go into The Light. The higher the plane, the greater theexpansion of consciousness and the more powerful the dimension ofenergy. Within Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism, and othermetaphysical philosophies around the world, there is the concept ofseven heavens or seven planes. The basic idea is that the morespiritually principled after death ascend to the higher planeswhile those who are on a path of evil are indirectly forced toreside on the lower planes as inferior spirits. The first plane isthought of as the most emotionally painful place to exist while theseventh plane is where individualistic saints reside in The Light. Past-life regression studies point to everyone having a choice toincarnate and that there is a period in-between lives whereby thesoul exists as a disembodied spirit. This is in contrast to theHindu conception whereby the soul automatically incarnates intoanother body right after death. What really happens is that thereis a period in-between lives whereby the soul has a chance to healand learn. The more advanced souls take time to reflect and preparefor their next incarnation. Most do not come back for the noblereasons of serving others and spiritually evolving, which is whythe world is the way that it is - for now anyway. Another contradiction of past-life regression studies to the Hinduparadigm is that souls who were human do not go back to being ananimal. I recall a past-life regression case whereby a person wasregressed back to being a pampered large house cat in an Egyptianpalace. But not everyone can be regressed back to having been ananimal. Generally speaking, the more intelligent souls prefer andstay humanoid in their incarnations. Regression studies and near-death experience research also point tocosmic justice panning out not in the flesh but in the Spirit.Reward and punishment is traditionally not found in a future life.Evil people are not forced to become insects. What really happensis that the soul is forced to emotionally feel the pain andsuffering that was unfairly caused to one or more innocents. Forexample, suppose a murder is committed and not one that wasconducted out of self-defense. The perpetrator, after death, willbe forced to feel all the pain he caused, not only to the victimbut also to those left behind: the widow, children, etc. Thus, thetrue nature of cosmic justice is to directly experience on anemotional level the ramifications of one's actions, and emotionalpain can be much worse than physical pain. No one ever truly getsaway with anything. It only appears that many do on This Sidebecause we do not see what they go through on the Other Side. Thus, heaven and hell, as well as reincarnation, are both validmetaphysical concepts that have been in operation for eons.

How do large categories illustrate unity and diversity for biologists?

Large categories (such as Kingdom or Phylum) illustrate unity anddiversity for biologists for a few reasons. One of the reasons isthat although the Phylum contains a number of different species(diversity) they all have something in common as to be considered apart of that phylum (unity).

Can i get slogans on unity in diversity?

Unite all that is different. Diversify all that is united. We are united in our diversity! The diversity of unity is our aim! A diverse world united is a world diversely united. "United we stand, divided we fall." I hope i could help!

What are slogans for unity in diversity?

Unite all that is different. Diversify all that is united. We are united in our diversity! The diversity of unity is our aim! A diverse world united is a world diversely united.

What are the examples of unity in diversity in India?

There are different religions and people from different people from different regions of India, but they come together to make the people of one unified country, India.

History topic of unity in diversity in our India?

A history topic of unity in diversity for India can review theoverall culture and the traditions of India. Various subjects thatcan be discussed are forms of worship. Also, day to day family lifeand work life in India is a great topic as well.

How does the Tree of life help explain both the unity and diversity of life?

The tree of life would show unity due to the fact that all modern life probably originated from common ancestors (the further back you go, the more closely related we are), while the diversity is shown by the fact that while we are all related, life has branched off in very radical ways over the millenia.

How can evolution explain both the unity and diversity of life?

Simple.. All of the millions of different life forms (the diversity of life) have come about by natural selection, whereby random mutations in the genes have either succeeded or failed.. But all life can be traced back to a common single-celled origin. Thus we have the unity of life where we (possibly) share more than 50 % of our DNA with a organs,homologous organs

Do you have a good idea for making your life easier?

How to make ones life easier??. Here's my formula.. 1. Always live within your means.. 2. Learn to appreciate the small things in life.. 3. Avoid family quarrels.. 4. Think twice before incurring any major debt. (see #1 above). 5. Be honest in all your dealings with others.. 6. Be kind to those less fortunate than yourself.. 7. Give an honest days work for an honest days wage.. 8. Save something for a "rainy day.". 9. Treasure old friends.. 10. Thank GOD for all He gives you, and trust in His son Jesus Christ.. rdg

The branch of biology that explains both the diversity and the unity of life is what?

The branch of biology that explains both the diversity and theunity of life is called evolution. It refers to the process bywhich different kinds of living organisms developed and diversifiedfrom earlier forms.

Can i get a Poster on unity in diversity?

You can get many posters on this topic : You can simply go to: though it is for buying posters online but it sometimes shows great samples.........Check it out.

How do you draw a picture depicting unity in diversity in India?

draw the shape of the country and all around it are people od diff. colors/races holding hands

Indian English slogan in unity in diversity?

Unity in Diversity celebrates the diversity in India with itsvarious and diverse cultures as well as the unity of cooperationbetween the different groups. Despite this slogan, in someinstances, India has shown intolerance amongst its various ethnicand religious groups. Therefore, the term is open to variousinterpretations and is most often used as a slogan that celebratescooperation between different people in a society and a sense ofoneness despite physical or ethnic differences.

How do you write an essay about unity is diversity in India?

There are a few different essay topics that can be written aboutunity and diversity in India. Some of these topics can be aboutCultural Diversity in India, Society in India, Peace and Eco-SocialJustice in India, and Types of Diversity in India.

What is the core idea that makes sense of the unity and all the diversity of life?

Evolution In biology the diversity and unity of life simply means that all living things came from ONE organism, so we are all alike but different. Then the diversity because even though we have come from the same organism but from a different branch of the tree of life.

What is a diversion as mused in a legal sense?

In criminal law, diversion refers to diverting a defendant out if the criminal justice system by having them complete an alternative program rather than be incarcerated.

An essay on unity in diversity?

When writing an essay on diversity, be sure to include things likeany experience you may have in dealing with diversity, how youwould like to see diversity evolve, and how diversity deals withmore than just race.

WHAT IS Unity and diversity of culture in sociology?

Unity and diversity Unity and Diversity , I have to say, are old themes of Ethical Culture and one is seldom mentioned without the other. In one of his first key speeches about Ethical Culture , our founding Leader, Dr. Felix Adler, explained that it would be a religion of people with free minds who would be deeply engaged in good works. He said: "Difference is inevitable and welcome in thought, but be one with us where there is nothing to hide , in action. " And that's when he coined the phrase, " Diversity in the creed, unanimity in the deed." The " diversity " he's talking about in this phrase, refers, in the main, to the diversity in individual thoughts about and beliefs in god, gods or no gods. However, if you look into the beliefs of Ethical Culturists on that subject today, I doubt you're going to find a lot of true diversity . It's unlikely you'll find that any of us worship a divinity - though we make it clear that in Ethical Culture , anything you care to believe on that score is totally up to you. And as for unanimity in the deed - that doesn't mean we all do the same deed, of course, it just means we all believe in the importance of good deeds, of service, of citizenship. We all know that the good life includes thinking of others and helping out when we can. But that's not the only way he spoke of unity and diversity . Adler also spoke of unity and diversity in a more sweeping way, a more universal way. In his book, "An Ethical Philosophy of Life," he explained a theory of community in the chapter with the strange title of, "The Ideal of the Whole and the Ethical Manifold." Sounds dreadful, doesn't it ... Allow me to digress a moment here about the word "manifold" - it's over 1,000 years old and originally meant a document that was folded many times - the word has come to have dozens of meanings, all having to do with "numerous and/or varied," and in machinery, it is a chamber having several outlets through which a liquid or gas is disbursed or gathered. I have to say it is not a word that has received a great deal of use in my personal lexicon. For me it was just a word my father and uncles bandied about during car talk - it seemed to be something connected to the muffler (muffler's a much easier word - it does what it says: muffles sound). Anyway, both manifolds and mufflers were mysterious things attached somewhere on the bottom of cars. But back to Adler's manifold. It was a concept he thought should be kept in mind. It did not and does not exist in time and space. To use today's terms, it is a "model" - his manifold represents an "infinite, ideal whole," an "ethical universe, " that is made up of people - and each of us, every person, is a unique "ethical unit" in that universe of humanity - and each of us, every one, is absolutely necessary, with " reciprocal interdependence " to that universe and the other units within it..

How does biology account for the unity and diversity of life?

all started from the same cell = unity....mutations thru a long history = diversity That's right...damn

What is the difference between diversity of life and unity of life?

Unity of life refers to the similarities of various species withother organisms. Diversity of life, meanwhile, is theclassification that distinguishes organisms from each other.

Identify how the tree of life can help explain both the unity and diversity of life?

The diversity & unity of life means that all living things came from similar organisms branching out & evolving differences over time

What is the difference between Unity in Diversity and Diversity in Unity?

The phrase "unity in diversity" refers to a togetherness in beingdifferent and diverse. The phrase "diversity in unity" refers tobeing different, yet still united together.

If you have been an atheist all your life up until now when you start thing that the Muslim teachings make sense is it acceptable for you to become a Muslim?

It is acceptable for everyone to become a Muslim! When you become a Muslim, Allah will forgive EVERYTHING that you have being doing before Islam. But of course you can be a Muslim

What is Cite examples of unity and diversity in your day to day life and enlist 10 ways in which you can serve the society?

unity is evident in everything from the familty unit to the world as a whole (documented in trade and relationships required to make that possable). Diversity the same, from the individual and their unique position in life through to massive sultural diversities. ways you can serve society: 1-read marx 2-pay tax 3-go to school, and stay there for as long as possable 4-abide the law 5-disagree (the best decisions are made when parties share opposing views) 6-if you disagree, formalise it and try to change it (it's your duety to act) 7-be polite 8-smile 9-try to futher yourself 10- be true to yourself (society is made up of individuals, not the rules or people that make the rules)

How can you see unity and diversity in India?

We can see unity and diversity in India because India is a country consisting of various languages, religion and traditions, but having so much different cultures and traditions we consider Indians first.

What about unity in diversity in kerala?

South indian state Kerala always been famous for being the home to a variety of cultures, festivals and religions which give special attraction to society.Even though being strong believers of the own religion,strong personal relations between diffrent religions are very often.They celebrates festivals together and take part in other's too. Kerala can take pride in being successful upholding of secular values. We can see the highness of religious and cultural unity in kerala.It became the part of their life.

Why does india have unity in diversity?

Even though Inda is highly culturaly diverse with sevral difftent tribes and languages, they find unity through there religon and Hinduism is the Centripital force keeping the country united. Kind of like when the sovet union took over the neighboring countries they forced evenyone to speak russian hoping that The Russian language would be able to keep everything unified.

Short Note on Unity in Diversity in India?

Diversity is what that contains all the opinions for us and see all the people negetively besides them ormake a link wand make a sex for themith them . Make a challenge to other all people

Cite examples of unity in diversity in day to day life?

The concept of "unity in diversity" can be seen when churches of different faiths, denominations, ethnicities, or races join together to work on a common community goal. For example, to show unity in the effort to make unwed fathers be more a part of their children's lives, churches from different backgrounds join forces to educate and provide support. Many community "task forces" created for various issues fit the "unity in diversity" example.

Life without God makes no sense?

life without God makes no sense because without God, there is no true meaning to life. Therefore, you would be living a miserable, empty life. When God created us, he made us for Himself, and put in all our hearts a love and desire for Him and for Heaven. When you choose to ignor that, and put fake idols in His place, you fall into wrong paths, and may be living a life of mortal sin. We must always remember; God loves everyone wholey, for who they are, because 1 He created us, and 2, His Son died for us on the cross to show His love for us, and He wants us in our free will, to love Him back, to follow Him, to leave everything we have and follow Him. He wants us to follow His commandments, and offer up our lives to Him.

What does unity amidst diversity means?

Unity can mean "oneness" or harmony or all in agreement. Diversity can mean differences or variety. Unity amidst diversity means peace. For instance a symphony isgreat because of all the differences in the individual instruments.Or the body works because of the differentiation of the differenttissues. The different tissues have their own jobs to do, but indoing them in connection with other tissues they are working towarda common good or goal. This is a difficult concept to obtain in apolitical state, but it is tried and accomplished for at least aperiod of time until the opposing factions break apart from thewhole.

How can you see unity and diversity in Nepal?

We all are well known to the fact that Nepal encompasses the cultural diversity which comprises customs, traditions and so on. Yet, we all have found ourselves confined within the sense of fellow-feeling and bonhomie which truly substantiates we Nepalese do possess "Unity in Diversity"..

What religions believe in unity between all life?

First principle of Christianity where god prohibits Adam to touch apple on the tree because when you pick apple from tree it hurts feeling of tree : what non viloance theory of chrrstianity? God said when you will hungery i will bring apple down for you. Do we realy wait for fruit? That is called unity between life..think this positively//

Why is India called as unity in diversity?

Unity in Diversity is considered to be a concept that unity without that of uniformity and much diversity without fragmentation shifts focus from unity that is based on tolerance of many different things. These different ideas include that of linguistic, social, political, ideological, cultural, physical, and psychological differences that towards a more complex nature of unity is based on understanding that the idea of difference enriches our human interactions with one another.

What is meant by ''Unity in Diversity''?

"Unity in Diversity" is a slogan celebrating co-operation betweendifferent groups of people in a a single society which describes asense of oneness.

Why write about the diversity of life and death need ideas?

You need to develop your own ideas. The idea for this homework was to make you research life and death -- go get on the search engine and start working so that you will know enough to write that essay. Here are a couple of links to help.

What is unity in diversity is a myth?

n 1938, the leader of the Baha'i Faith said it was the "watchword" for the religion. [1] "Unity in diversity" or some variation is also the officialMotto of the European Union (Latin: In varietate concordia ) as well as the nations of Ghana, Indonesia (see Bhinneka Tunggal Ika), Papua New Guinea, India and South Africa . "Unity in Diversity" is one of the nine Enduring Principles of Community of Christ, an international Christian church. [2] . Contents [hide]. 1 United States . 2 European Union . 3 See also . 4 References . United States House of Blues performance venues have an emblem at the top of the stage with several religious symbols, and the phrase "Unity in Diversity." European Union Main article: Motto of the European Union . In 2000, the European Union adopted 'United in Diversity' as its motto, a reference to the many and diverse member states of the Union in terms of culture. Apart from its English form, the European Union's motto is also official in 22 other languages.

How do you find unity in diversity?

Well actually unity in diversity is a slogan celebrating co-operation between different groups of people in a single society and socio-ecological philosophy that describes a sense of oneness despite physical or psychological barriers. It doesn't meant there is a unity in a diversity anyway hope it helps :)

Why was there a sense of unity after the war of 1812?

you know that feeling when you and your family make a sand castle at the beach and your all so proud of it at the end? Well the U.S felt that they had "grown up" as a country. They were able to defend themselves against Great Britain and they were proud.

Can you give a short speech on unity in diversity?

Unity in diversity is a concept of "unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation" that shifts focus from unity based on a mere tolerance of physical, cultural, linguistic, social, religious, political, ideological and/or psychological differences towards a more complex unity based on an understanding that difference enriches human interactions. The concept of unity in diversity was used "in non-Western cultures such as indigenous peoples in North America and Taoist societies in 400-500 B.C. In premodern Western culture it has been implicit in the organic conceptions of the universe that have been manifest since the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations through medieval Europe and into the Romantic era."

Is there unity in diversity?

no, there is no unity in diversity because there are many humans that are corrupted and have 50+ cows that are corrupted. there are 2 ways of being corrupt 1. do robberies 2.kill money 3.shift in another city 4. sell your car 5. dance before doing any job

How do atoms show unity and diversity?

All atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Because of this, you could say that atoms have a unified structure.these three things can make 118 different elements and many different isotopes of those elements. These 118 elements can make millions of diverse molecules.

What is an example of Unity in the Diversity of Life?

There are many examples first being presence of cell . Use of ATP as energy currency and so on .

How tree of life explains both unity and diversity of life?

Umm, well they both work together as one so yeah thats how its goes yo!! xoxo gossip goat

How fruits show unity in diversity?

fruits are different in flavor but yet the same because they all have seeds. each one is diverse in its own way.

Who said unity in diversity?

Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha'i Faith said that "unity in diversity" was the "watchword" for the religion.

How does diversity contribute to unity in Thailand?

Thailand does not focus on multiculturalism and never has. Instead,the policies of the government are those of assimilation. As aresult, even though Thailand is a diverse nation, it is perceivedboth nationally and internationally as Southeast Asia's mostethnically homogeneous nation, with diversity contributing to thenation's unity.

How has the national anthem contributed to the development of unity in diversity-?

The National Anthem has contributed to the development of unity indiversity by identifying with the values and aspiration of a givencountry.

Unity in diversity?

Unity in diversity allows a community with diverse peoples to usetheir diversity positively, enjoying each others cultural heritage.

What system of government balances the ideas of unity and diversity?

The national goverment has the power to create laws that help it incarrying out it's delegated powers