The energetics music group from Boston MA?

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They went on to become "Planet Patrol", based in NYC,,,,google Planet Patrol for a lot of info,,,
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Where was Pall's Mall in Boston MA?

Paul's Mall and the Jazz Workshop were at 733 Boylston Street, opposite the Prudential Center, in Copley Square. Paul's Mall introduced many up-and-coming folk, blues, jazz and rock artists to the Boston audience. The Jazz Workshop (as it was originally called) was first located on Huntington Avenue when it opened in 1953, but it moved to Copley Square in 1963 and began presenting artists that were not only known for jazz.

When was Boston MA established?

Boston was established as a town on September 7, 1630. It was laterreestablished as a city on March 4, 1822. The settlement wasestablished by the Puritans, and is a historic site for AmericanHistory as many events such as: the Boston Tea Party, the BostonMassacre, and the Battle of Bunker Hill took place.

What is energetically?

Energetically is when i could say i went over to the table energetically,that means that you bounced over to it,its like you went over to the table very energetic with lots of energy

Who in Boston MA politics is George O'Brien?

I believe he ran for mayor of Boston in 1959. However, I don't think he ever got elected.. ACTUALLY, George O'Brien did not run for mayor of Boston. In fact, he was the business manager of Bostons MTA Carmen's union which represented streetcar and trackless trolley operators. He served as business manager of Local 7 and later as its legal counsel.

Boston MA population?

Boston was one of the first colonies founded in the United States.According to the 2012 census, there was a population of 645,966people in Boston.

How much should is rent in Boston MA?

It can depend on a number of factors but the number of bedrooms and location are the biggest. I've found the Rentometer to be very helpful in determining the correct rent for an apartment. Here is a link that will take you right to Boston:\n. \n

Italian POW camp in Boston MA?

There were a number of italian pow camps in boston during wwii. At the time i was 10 or 11 and lived in east bost0n near the airport. There was a beautiful recreation area and beach next to the airport called wood island park. During wwii wood island was cut in half by an italian pow camp. We still had access to some of the beaches and recreation areas. During the spring and summer my mother and i would visit with the italian pows. I often accompanied my mother to the pow camp fence so she could talk to the young prisoners and get news about italy.i can remeber our church "the mount carmel" getting permission to bring some of the prisoners to the church for services and a meal after mass. Mike difranza

What was most snowfall in Boston MA?

Most snow for a season = 107.6" (1995-1996) Most snow in 1 day = 27.5" (2/17/2003) Most snow in 2 days = 29.1" (2/17/2003 - 2/18/2003, "President's Day Snowstorm") Average snowfall per year = 41.3" although feb 2003, pd II is listed as 27.3 , it has been noted that this value was a result of innaccurate measurements ( standard to measure snowfall in 6 hr increments, clearing a board of snow at the end of a 6 hr period, all 6 hour snow measurements added to get total snowfall total). Also the blizz of 78 value reflects the snow depth at the end of the storm indicating that there easily could have been more than 27.1" if proper measurement techniques were taken)

Modeling agencys in Boston ma?

This link will give you a list of legit modeling agencies in the Boston area:

What is the lunitidal interval for Boston MA?

Lunitidal interval is the length of time from when the moon passes over a meridian and the next high tide at that meridian. Lunitidal interval for Boston (USA) is approximately 11 hours 20 minutes.

How many miles are there from Boston MA to Amherst MA?

110 miles taking this route: Take I-90 Massachusetts Turnpike (toll) WEST to I-91 to SPRINGFIELD and HOLYOKE at EXIT 4. Once you are past the toll booth, follow signs to I-91 to SPRINGFIELD and HOLYOKE, then follow signs to I-91 NORTH to HOLYOKE. Take I-91 NORTH to SR-9 to NORTHAMPTON and AMHERST at EXIT 19. Turn right off the exit ramp and take SR-9 EAST to Amherst.

What is the ethnic make up of Boston MA?

Boston, Massachusetts is the capital of Irish-America in percentage terms. Greater Boston has an Irish/Irish American population of around 19%. Massachusetts has an Irish ethnic population of 23.5% according to the 2000 census. So around a quarter of Bay Staters claim their heritage to Ireland. South Boston and Charleston remain strong Irish enclaves. Milton, MA is 38% Irish. The Italians are the second largest ethnic group with about 8% in Boston and 13.5% in Massachusetts. They are prominent in the North End of Boston.

Did the Boston strangler kill in Lawrence MA?

The killer(s) known as the Boston Strangler claimed two victims in Lawrence, MA. Both of these victims are in the 2nd stage killings, 1962-1964. Mary Brown, age 69, was found on March 9, 1963 and Joann Graff, age 23, found on November 23, 1964.

How far is bourne ma from Boston MA?

56 miles taking this route: . Follow ROUTE 3 SOUTH from Boston to ROUTE 6A to SAGAMORE at EXIT 1C. Turn left onto ROUTE 6A WEST. . Take ROUTE 6A WEST to Bourne.

How far is north reading MA from Boston MA?

22 miles taking this route: . Take I-93 NORTH from Boston to ROUTE 62 to NORTH READING and WILMINGTON at EXIT 40. TURN RIGHT off the exit ramp onto ROUTE 62 EAST to NORTH READING. . Take ROUTE 62 EAST to NORTH READING.

How far is Lowell MA from Boston?

Lowell is about 22 miles from Boston. Traveling at 50mph it will take you about 32 minutes to get there, traveling at 60mph it will take about 26 minutes, and at 70mph it will take 23 minutes.

What is the distance from Boston MA to Mombasa?

This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel, this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen. The distance between the two places in miles is:7462

What was least snowfall in Boston MA?

Winter of 1936-37 saw only 9.0 inches of snow (Jul-Jun). This is how the top 10 (lowest) looks: 1) 1936-37 = 9.0" 2) 2011-12 = 9.3" 3) 1972-73 = 10.3" 4) 1979-80 = 12.7" 5) 1994-95 = 14.9" 6) 2001-02 = 15.1" 7) 1988-89 = 15.5" 8) 2006-07 = 17.1" 9) 1901-02 = 17.5" 10) 1988-86 = 18.1"

How much snow does Boston MA gets?

It really varies; being in close proximity to the ocean, Boston's weather is very changeable. The city has certainly received large amounts of snow at certain times, such as the Blizzard of 1978 that paralyzed the city with nearly three feet of snow. But blizzards and extreme storms are not typical of Boston at all. In fact, most of the bigger storms tend to stay in the central and western part of the state, or go to the north of Boston. Over the past several years, weather patterns went from one extreme to another-- in January 2011, the area received 38 inches of snow from a series of storms; but by late 2011, there was hardly any snow at all, much to the chagrin of ski-lodges; in fact, temperatures were unseasonably warm from September to December. So, while there have been months when Boston received 20-30" of snow, there were also months when hardly a dusting of snow was seen. If you are traveling to Boston, check the weather reports before you make the trip-- you may find plenty of snow, or you may find none at all.

How far is Medford MA from Boston?

The distance from Medford, MA to Boston, MA is 5.9 to 7 miles depending on the route taken. It should take 14 minutes if driven by car or 43 minutes if public transportation is taken.

What time zone is Boston MA in?

Boston, MA is in the Eastern Standard Time, otherwise known as EST. This is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean time (GMT) - the time in London, United Kingdom.

What are the operating hours for the RMV in Boston MA?

The opening times from the RMV in Boston, Massachusetts depend on what day on the week it is. The days Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday it opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. While on Thursday it opens at 10am and closes at 6pm. The RMV isn't open on the weekend.

How do you get from Boston to Fairhaven MA?

It depends on whether you are driving or taking the bus. Fairhavenis near New Bedford, MA in the part of the state called the SouthCoast. It is about one hour and five minutes drive from Boston toFairhaven, and there are main highways that will take you thereeasily. If you are traveling by bus, the company that offersservice to Fairhaven is DATTCO. It leaves from South Station, amajor transit point for trains and buses. Without knowing yourstarting point and ending point, I cannot tell you much more, butyou can certainly map out your trip on either and it will show you the best route.