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The enzyme that helps to regulate the cell cycle is called?

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protein kinase are the protiens that regulate cell cycle.
it has 2 subunits-
a)catalytic unit called as cyclin dependent protien kinase (CDK)

b) regulatory subunit called as cyclin binding unit
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Describe how the cell cycle is regulated?

The cell cycle contains 4 phases: G1, S, G2, and M. The main components of cell cycle regulation are CDKs (cyclin dependant kinases) and cyclins. CKDs remain at a constant n

Is cyclin regulate the cell cycle?

Yes, cyclins along with cyclin-dependent kinases (Cdks) regulate the cell cycle, especially at G2 checkpoint. The activity of the kinases depends on the fluctuating concentrat

How is cell cycle regulated?

By injecting a protein found from a cell in mitosis into a non-dividing cell, a mitotic spindle forms. The protein was later called cyclin. Cyclins regulate the timing of the

How do cells regulate the activity of an enzyme?

Cells regulate enzyme activity through two methods: allosteric inhibition and competitive inhibition. Allosteric inhibition is when something (an ion, an organic chemical, etc