The knee is an example of what kind of joint?

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It is a pivotal hinge joint.
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What is the knee joint?

The knee joint consists of the tibiofemoral joint and the patellofemoral joint. It is a combination of hinge and gliding joints, respectively. It is also in a class called fre

What kind of joint is the knee?

The knee joint is a type of hinge joint. It consists of threecompartments that allow the knee to bend and function.

Is the knee joint an example of a ball and socket joint?

No, the knee is not an example of this. The knee is an example of a hinge joint along with your elbow. The hip and shoulder joints are examples of a ball and socket joint as i

What kind of joints are found in your knees and elbows?

A previous wiki answer from Gerry Sutton. They are hinge joints. The elbow has only one plane of motion (flexion & extension); however, the knee is considered a "modified h