The official purpose of the constitutional convention was to write a new constitution?

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No, not really. The offical purpose was to revise the Articles of Confederation. Let us say they took a very broad construction of the word revise. <G>

Who was at the Constitutional Convention?

Answer . There were 55 delegates, including George Washington (whom the delegates unanimously elected to chair the convention), Ben Franklin (the 'sage' of the convention, and, at 81, it's oldest member), Alexander Hamilton (later in the convention he was stripped of his vote when the other New Y (MORE)

What is the purpose of the Constitution?

Its original purpose was to specify the geometry of the Federal government and to tightly constrain is power. The latter is expressed by the Interstate Commerce Clause and reiterated by the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was added to assuage the fears that the former would not be a clear enoug (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention was called because the federalgovernment established by the Articles of Confederation wasconsidered to be too weak to effectively deal with the youngnation's issues. Officially, the purpose of the convention was torevise the Articles of Confederation. Many feel that thi (MORE)

Where was the Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Converntion took place in Independence Hall,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The Constitutional Convention (alsoknown as the Federal Convention, the Philadelphia Convention, theFirst Constitutional Convention, and the Constitutional Conventionof 1787) was held in the Pennsylvania State (MORE)

What was the Constitutional Convention?

Northwest Ordinance - apex The Constitutional Convention TheConstitutional Convention met in Philadelphia in 1787 and draftedthe United States Constitution. The convention was called becausethe federal government established by the Articles of Confederationwas considered to be too weak to effectivel (MORE)

What is constitutional convention?

A constitutional convention is a meeting held in 1787 to consider changes to the Articles Of Confederation; resulted in the drafting of the Constitution.

Why did James Wilson write a new constitution?

James Wilson was on the committee of detail that organized and wrote the US constitution. he handwrote the first 2 drafts. This was not a new constitution, but the only constitution.. However Wilson did re-write a new constitution for the state of Pennsylvania. he did this because the original Penn (MORE)

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787?

The Constitutional Convention (or the Philadelphia Convention) of 1787 was called to amend the Articles of Confederation , the rules for the United States' first independent government. But when the fifty-five delegates attempted to amend the plan, they realized the task was impossible. The delegat (MORE)

The purpose of the Constitution?

the purpose for this is sp the government have everything planned for the future a so on. also to know what the presidents wil have to do

When can there be a constitutional convention?

The answer is. As soon as it becomes general public knowledge that a sufficient number of applications have been submitted by the states to cause a convention call. Congress has disobeyed the Constitution and refused to call a convention. The over 700 applications from 49 states can be read at www.f (MORE)

Who were the delegates from New York to attend the Constitutional Convention?

Answer They were Robert Yates, John Lansing, Jr., and Alexander Hamilton. However, Yates and Lansing would leave the Convention, and Hamilton would be the only NY delegate to sign, going against the political grain of his state. Even worse, Hamilton had no vote since because of the convention's rul (MORE)

What was the purpose of writing the the constitution?

The most basic purpose at the time for writing the US Constitutionwas to replace the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution wasalso written to protect the rights of the people, and tosimultaneously strengthen and limit the power of the federalgovernment.

Write a 10 sentence paragraph about the Constitutional Convention?

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Why did the framers write a new constitution?

The Framers wrote the Constitution because they were thoroughly displeased with the system of government established by the Articles of Confederation, which as the name implies was theoretically a federation of independent states. They wanted to radically change the government and thus they did not (MORE)

What was the purpose of the constitution convention of 1787?

It was called to amend the Articles of Confederation, which werethe rules for the United States' first independent government. Whenthe delegates attempted to amend the plan, they realized the taskwas impossible. So, they scrapped the Articles of Confederation andstarted working in secret to devise a (MORE)

Who was not at the constitutional convention why?

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the Confederation's foreign ministers to London and Paris respectively, John Jay was the Confederation's secretary for foreign affairs in New York City, and Patrick Henry, Governor of Virginia, was involved in the politics and elections going on in Virginia. Also (MORE)

What is the purpose of a constitution?

The purpose of the Constitution is to protect the rights ofindividuals, and to limit governments power. The constitution isthe body of fundamentalism laws setting out the principles,structures,and processes of a government.

The delegates of the constitutional convention originally met for what purpose?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention originally met to reform the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of Confederation were the guidelines for the first national government of the United States. However, they were weak and did not give enough power to the national government so that it (MORE)

What is a Constitution Convention?

The United States Constitutional Convention [1] (also known as the Philadelphia Convention , [1] the Federal Convention , [1] or the Grand Convention at Philadelphia ) took place from May 14 to September 17, 1787, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to address problems in governing the United Sta (MORE)

What are the purposes of the constitution?

The United States Constitution is the framework for the organisation of the United States Government. It specifies the duties of each branch of the American Government, from the President and his Executive branch, to the Supreme Court and the judicial branch. The United States Constitution is writte (MORE)

Was there a New Jersey Compromise at the Constitutional Convention?

No, there was a New Jersey Plan that addressed how William Paterson believed the states would be represented in the federal legislature. The New Jersey Plan called for one house of Congress and one voting representative from each state, giving both large and small states an equal amount of power i (MORE)

When was The Constitutional Convention?

The Constitutional Convention took place between the dates of May 25th and September 17th, 1797. Its location was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is a cornerstone of the US Constitution.

What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention-?

The purpose was to produce a document to replace or modify the Articles of Confederation as the governing document for the recently established United States of America. The states decided that the Articles were unworkable and needed a fundamental "law of the land". The convention chose to discard t (MORE)