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Obey the law
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What are the important aspects of a responsible citizenship in education?

citizen can name his U.S. congressman votes volunteers picks up litter when he sees it pays his taxes tells the truth follows the rules obeys the law understands that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

What do a NICU nurse's duties include?

An example from a job posting that I found for a Nurse Practitioner (Pediatrics/NICU): ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Under general nursing and medical direction, utilizing standard procedures, the Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant functions within an organized system for the delivery of health care in association with other members of the health care team and performs specialized nurse practitioner duties in clinical settings. In collaboration with the physician, the essential job functions include: • Managing patient care of newborns and pediatrics, assisting with the admission assessment and discharge of these patients; • Providing health education and counseling to patients; • Maintaining medical records; • Participating in nursing and unit staff meetings and patient care conferences; • Performing other related duties as assigned/required. INFANT CARE CENTER ESSENTIAL DUTIES: Under general supervision of the Director of Perinatal Nursing, the NICU/Pediatric Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant performs specialized clinical nursing duties and serves as the clinical expert for the neonatal inpatient population. The essential job functions include the following: • Functions as part of the NICU clinical team; • Provides and/or manages the nursing plan of care for neonates with complex problems; • Provides education, training, information, and consultation services to physicians, registered nurses, and other members of the clinical team; Interprets, coordinates, and implements new and existing policies, methods and procedures for neonatal nursing in the Perinatal areas; • Keeps informed of current practices and trends and incorporates them into practice; • Works in cooperation with other members of the multidisciplinary health teams; • Makes professional contacts with a variety of public, private and professional institutions/organizations; • Performs other related duties as assigned/required.

Why does citizenship carry with it certain responsibilities?

Citizenship carries certain responsibilities because being acitizen provides a person with certain privileges and rights.Citizens should work to preserve the Constitution and performuseful services to the state.

Why is responsible citizenship important?

Citizenship caries with it not only voting rights but also the right to government benefits, and protections. Illegal Immigrants have rights too but mostly just our most basic rights to protections.

What are considered important responsibilities of citizenship?

the main duty of citizens is to help the government such as voulenteer work. It would also be important to pay your bills on time, vote in elections, and pay taxes. You could probably think of some more but here are some ideas.

What are the duties of US citizenship?

As a US citizen you need to abide by the government, follow rules and pay taxes . You also should register under the US armed services. You need to make use of your right to vote.

What obligations are included with Iranian citizenship?

Obligations of Iranian citizenship include following customs andbeliefs that some people feel are a violation of human rights.People must adhere to laws or they can be brutally punished,

What are the duties and obligations of citizenship in the community?

The duties and obligations of citizenship in the community is toenforce the laws of constitution. A good citizen is supposed to paytaxes and take part in his civil responsibilities.

Duties and responsibilities of a Jewelry designer?

Jewelry designers are responsible for creating the designs forpopular jewelry. They also cut, set and polish gemstones and metalsthat they use in their designs.

Duties and responsibilities of concierge?

A concierge is a person that works outside of a hotel and/orapartment building. His duties are to open doors for people. Otherduties may include assisting residents and being a valet driver.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a insurance agent?

The insurance agent markets and sells insurance products to his orher clients. They might also sell other financial products such asannuities, mutual funds and securities.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an ethologist?

Ethnologists study the behavior of animals in their naturalhabitat. Ethnologists must be willing to work away from home, havegood communication skills, and know how to raise the money theyneed for their research.

What are the duties or responsibilities of sales person?

The duties and responsibilities of the sales persons can vary depending upon the nature of the business. A sales person should have all the knowledge about the product so that he may communicate with the customers. He should sell the products with persuasion and it is the responsibility of sales person to satisfy the customers while they are looking for the products. Sales person should also handle and maintain the cash. Sales person is also responsible to greet the customers, to help the customers in identifying their requirements, to promote products, to answer the customers' questions regarding the products, to negotiate the price on the spot, to arrange the merchandise properly and to supervise the ordering the supplies.

Duties and responsibilities of marketing staff?

One of the primary duties and responsibilities of the marketingstaff is to ensure the client's products are marketed in the mostefficient manner possible. Increase in sales is the ultimate goal.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an office assistant?

Capable of handling day to day office work like filing, bank related work, other domestic work.. . Assisting in office chores . Co-coordinating with vendors. . Handling Office sanitation

Is protecting nature a responsibility of citizenship?

Protecting nature is an individual responsibility and if everyone accepts that responsibility there will be no need for citizen responsibility. Protecting nature is not done so by politics, and to believe that government will do what you are unwilling to do is folly. In order to protect nature we must first understand nature, in order to protect anything we must first know how to protect. Turning to government and demanding new laws that 'protect our environment' will not accomplish anything but endless compromise. You have a much better chance of protecting nature by flourishing and prospering so you might own property of which you can protect than by demanding an incompetent administrative agency protect you from what? Litterbugs? People who drive S.U.V.'s? Evil corporations? Accept responsibility for all you can, and accept that all you can is not enough. It is never enough.

Is serving on a jury a responsibility of Australian citizenship?

Yes, serving on a jury is a responsibility of Australiancitizenship. In addition, this question appears on the Australiancitizenship test.

Name six Responsibilities of citizenship?

TO PAY TAXES Responsibility to vote Responsibility to get a good education Responsibility to get a career/job Responsibility to get a house Responsibility to earn money Responsibility to earn food

What are US citizenship sponsors responsibilities?

By filing the affidavit of support for the alien relative the US citizen is fully responsible for the financial requirements of that alien until alien is capable to take care of the financial requirements. Proof in form of tax returns filed papers,assets, bank statements, job identity etc are required.

What are the three duties of citizenship?

In United States of America. They are: Jury Duty Obeying Laws Paying Taxes In Australia. They are: Vote Serve jury duty Take up a should the need to defend the country arise.

What rights duties and obligations are included with US citizenship?

Duties as a US citizen includes: . Jury duty : This is the sole differential obligation between the citizens and non-citizens. Only the citizens are granted jury duty. . Military participation : Both the male permanent residents and citizens register for the selective service system and the professional military has limited the need for the citizen soldiers. Rights as a US citizen are listed below: . Right to live and work : Freedom to work and live in the US is awarded alike to both permanent residents and citizens but the permanent resident stands a chance for it to be withdrawn. . Travel freely : The right to enter and leave US freely is possible only for the citizens. . To vote: US citizens only have the right to excise their franchise. On grounds of race, color, age, sex or failure to pay tax they cannot be denied this right. . Join public office: According to the US constitution to be eligible into US House of Representatives they should be a citizen for minimum seven year period and in the case of senator's requirement is citizenship for nine years before taking office. comunity service,serve in military, jury duty, obey the laws, vote,and pay taxes The main rights of an American citizen are spelled out in theConstitution's Bill of Rights which includes right to worship asone chooses and right to a speedy trial. The duties for UScitizenship, on the other hand, include the expectation for eachcitizen to follow the letter of law and fulfill tax obligations.

What are duties of citizenship?

The most important duty of a citizen is to be loyal and devoted to his/her country in any circumstance. The citizen should abide by the legal system of the country, respect and uphold the principles of the constitution. The citizen should not act in a way that will be against its laws.

Explain why responsible citizenship is important?

The prosperity of the country lies in the hand of both the citizens and the government. Country prosperity is a two way process. It means that responsible citizen means a lot for the country.

Explain why responsible citizenship is important Provide examples of responsible citizenship?

As citizens, you have to be responsible for your actions. Citizenship-- participation, commitment to values of constitutional democracy-are essential to health of free society

What is one responsibility of citizenship?

The US Government expects certain responsibilities form the US citizen in return of the citizenship status. Among the responsibilities, the most important is filing in the taxes regularly. They should file in taxes for the income that they earn even while residing out of the US.

What are the duties and responsibilities of inventory controller?

the basic responsibility's of an inventory controller is to maintaining 100% inventory accuracy, to maintaining of 0 down time due to non availability of materials.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a restaurant storekeeper?

The duties and responsibilities of a restaurant storekeeper are tomake sure the restaurant is operational. This includes maintaininggood customer service, keeping up employee moral, quality control,and watching profits and loss.

Duties and responsibility of steward of hotel?

Excellent customer service skills . Awareness of health and safety and personal hygiene the workplace . Ability to work calmly and effective under pressure . Good competency for memorizing orders . Excellent communication and interpersonal skills . Good numerical skills for handling customers' bills . Ability to work proactively within a team and on own initiative . Ability to handle difficult customers in a calm and tactful manner

Duties and responsibilities of kitchen steward?

to maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen and responsible to clean pots and pans,cutlery and china ware...

Duties and responsibilities of fuel operator?

Reporting into the Fuel Section Supervisor, the successful candidate will be driving fuel delivery vehicles and refueling/defueling all ground fuel equipment. Specifically you will be driving fuel bowsers in a safe manner complying with set speed limits and traffic regulations in force. You will be responsible for the accounting for all stock loaded and distributed. You will complete vouchers and associated documentation in a neat and tidy manner thus reducing errors to a minimum. You will be responsible for the loading of bowser at the BFI in liaison with BFI staff. You will comply with all safety regulations and procedures in force. You will conduct daily checks on condition of refuel equipment and reporting any deficiencies on company policies. You will ensure bowsers are filled with product at the end of each shift. You will inform your Supervisor of any incidents, complaints or requests in a timely manner. You will assist on the ground refuel station when required. You will ensure that all security procedures and practices are adhered to. You will ensure that all items of company property whilst in your possession are treated in a responsible manner. You will ensure that all regulations relating to the safety of equipment and personnel are adhered to. You will ensure that our clients Health and Safety procedures are adhered to at all times. You will ensure that company policy concerning Contractors Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (CCBEC) and Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (CBEC) is abided and disseminated. Violations must be reported in accordance with the policy/Business Management System. Finally you will liaise with the Ground Fuel Section Supervisor and discuss any improvements to delivery schedules/procedures which could be beneficial to the company

Duties and responsibilities of planning assistant?

the duties and responsibilities of planning assistant, is collect data into individual brgy.assist to the municipal planning development coordinator,banking data.

Duties and responsibilities of financial controller?

Budgeting o One of the most important roles of a finance controller is setting a company's budget. This process involves allocating resources to support development, while still keeping an eye on the profitability of the company. Common budgeting tasks include presenting and reviewing budget requests, monitoring execution of approved projects and ensuring compliance with the company's fiscal policy. Soliciting Funds o Closely tied to her role monitoring the budget, often a financial controller is also responsible for soliciting funds to aid in the company's growth. This task involves handling acquisitions and mergers, managing investments and in some cases directly soliciting funds. o Monitoring Payroll o Financial controller also approve and monitor payroll expenditures while always keeping in mind the status of the budget. Common payroll tasks include setting salaries for new positions, approving raises and identifying extraneous personnel as a cost-saving strategy. Data Analysis o The roles of financial controller have changed a great deal thanks to technological advances that have reduced the amount of time they spend compiling financial reports. Instead, financial executives allocate more of their time to analyzing the data in those reports, searching for areas where they can increase profits and then adjusting the company's financial future based on their findings.

What is the Duties and Responsibilities management trainees?

Receiving training from the concerned people in addition to performing duties in several departments such as Marketing, Operations, Documentations, HR & Admin, Finance & Executive Office. Learning staff functions and line, management view points, company policies, practices and operations which are significant in the proper functioning of an organization in the corporate world

A basic responsibility of citizenship is to contribute to the?

Whatever citizenship it may be, the basic responsibility of any citizen would be to uphold the principles of the constitution of the country and render service to the country when called upon to do so.

What are the duties and responsibilities shared in the home?

Cooking, cleaning, bill paying, laundry, grocery shopping, care of vehicles (if any), organization of possessions in the home, communication with any roomate or partner about the division of duties, negotiation of time to relax, exercise, etc. Care of any pets may be involved, as well.

Duties and responsibilities of a supermarket merchandiser?

is to ensures that all the merchandise is in its right place or in a category and that the shoppers or costumers can find what they need quickly and easily.know FIFO,FEFO

If you have done a tour of duty with the Army can you get US citizenship immediately after?

You don't even have to do that much. Talk to a representative from your post's JAG office. They'll get you squared away. I'd also recommend you get this process started while you're still in, if you wish to make it a quick and fairly painless process. I can tell you firsthand that remaining undecided until you're out of the military, then deciding you want to become a citizen is going to make it much more of a hassle, even with three combat tours to your claim.

What Linen attendant duties and responsibilities?

linen attendant is to performs all activities associated with the retrieval of soiled linen, processing of linen and distribution of clean linen as well as sorting all the linens. :D

What are the duties and responsibilities of logistics assistant?

1-assist with inventory management 2- assist in the management planing of office space allocation including of definition of future needs ,planing office space availability and on time preparation 3- coordinates office space upon arrival of new staff including all logistic needs 4- manages the logistics ticket system

What is responsibilities of citizenship?

To become a U.S. citizen you must take the Oath of Allegiance. The Oath includes several promises you make when you become a U.S. citizen, including promises to: • Give up all prior allegiance to any other nation or sovereignty; • Swear allegiance to the United States; • Support and defend the Constitution and the laws of the United States; and • Serve the country when required. U.S. citizens have many responsibilities other than the ones mentioned in the Oath. Citizens have a responsibility to participate in the political process by registering and voting in elections. Serving on a jury is another responsibility of citizenship. Finally, America becomes stronger when all of its citizens respect the different opinions, cultures, ethnic groups, and religions found in this country. Tolerance for differences is also a responsibility of citizenship. When you decide to become a U.S. citizen, you should be willing to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship. We hope you will honor and respect the freedoms and opportunities citizenship gives you. At the same time, we hope you become an active member of your community. It is by participating in your community that you truly become an American.

What are the five duties of citizenship?

Obey laws Pay taxes Serve in the armed forces if called Serve on a jury or as a witness in court Defend our nation

What are the duties of citizenship in the US?

Duties as a US citizen includes: . Jury duty : This is the sole differential obligation between the citizens and non-citizens. Only the citizens are granted jury duty. . Military participation : Both the male permanent residents and citizens register for the selective service system and the professional military has limited the need for the citizen soldiers.

What is the difference between a Duty of Citizenship and a Responsiblity of Citizenship?

they are the same thing except psp find out what that means the both mean that.learn

What are the responsibilities of citizenship in the US?

Defending the Constitution; . Respecting the law, . Voting; . Perform in the military if asked to do so;

What are the duties includes of the legislative branch?

First of all it is usually a group of people who had been elected by the citizens. They represent them, so they are the representatives. Their meeting is the Parliament. They make laws and decide on peace or war by a majority vote.

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Can you lose citizenship if you refuse jury duty?

no Added: (in the US) members of certain religions, who conscientiously object to sitting in judgment on others, or those suffering from physical disabilities, etc, can be excused from jury duty. However, EVERYONE, even if they believe that they have a valid reason to be excused from serving, must present it to the court for approval. Only the court can excuse you. Plain out--and-out refusal to report for jury duty is not an excuse.

What are duties and what are responsibilities?

Duties and Responsibilities are the same. Responsibilities are wereyou have to do something, some examples are to baby-sit, do chores,make supper, and to do home work.

What are the 2 duties of citizenship?

1. Serve as a juror. 2. Register with the selective service by 18 years of age. (Males Only: Yes it is Discrimination) Additionally, there are other rules which can get you into trouble if you do not obey: Not paying taxes and refusing to appear before Congress if called upon to testify.

Why is tolerance an important responsibility of citizenship?

Respecting others' opinions and ways of life is also important united states is a nation of diverse people .Everyone has aright to his or her own opinions and belief all these different people to get along, citizens must respect and accept others. This is called tolerance .