The value of Superman heart or stone?

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Value of Superman comics?

Action Comics (the Issue with the origin of Superman) original version in mint condition has fetched at auction in excess of US$ 275,000.oo Overstreets Comic Price Guide lists

Death of Superman comicbook value?

The price of the Death of Superman comic book will vary dependingon the condition. This comic book can be worth anywhere from $10 toover $200.

How do you get a heart stone?

you go to Eterna City talk to an old man then you get an adventure kit or something like that then you go on to it (it goes on wifi) then mine for it by pressing on a sparkle

What is value of Superman pep pin?

The Superman pep pin was made in every series of pep pins. So its not real rare like the Phantom or Felix the cat. In good condtion about 10 to 15 us dollars
In Kryptonite

Why does kryptonite heart Superman?

Kryptonite doesn't heart Superman, it makes him weak. The reason itmakes him weak is because it emits a radiation that is harmful topeople who were born on the planet Krypton.