The wrightings of ayuba sulieman diallo are an important source of information on the slave trade because?

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They are the firsthand account by a slave
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What is the slave trade?

The slave trade is a word used to describe trafficking in slaves no matter where it occurs in the world. A famous example of a slave trade occurred while America was being colonised by the European nations. Ships from Europe (mainly England) would load with European goods sail to the west coast (MORE)

What was the slave trade?

The slave trade in Europe and later the Americas was the capture of Africans and their transport for sale as forced laborers (property). Slavery existed for many centuries among native tribes in Africa, peoples of Asia and the Middle East, and to a lesser extent Native American tribes. The slave t (MORE)

How important was William Wilberforce to the campaign to abolish British participation in the slave trade?

Wilberforce acted as a catalyst in the Anti-Slavery campaign. He was a key member in the London Committee (the committee that focused on gathering evidence and petitions to fight against the slave trade and later on, slavery as a whole) and acted as the political fighter for the cause. Obviously, th (MORE)

How did slaves suffer in the slave trade?

The slaves had to do anything they were told and if they actedcontrary to the will of the master/mistress,or if they spoke to themaster or mistress they will be tourtured and beaten or punishedand killed. However,if they tried to escape or stand up to their masters,theywill have been hanged. their b (MORE)

What was the importance of the Atlantic Slave Trade?

The importance of the Atlantic Slave Trade was that it help the colonists in the US. For example, the Africans did hard labor which they were paid less than average payment. Also, it helped the Southern Colony, because the colony runs on plantations.

Why was the slave trade important?

It was important because it provided sugar for the increasing demand. It made the British empire trade with other countries-whatever the countries wanted for sugar. The reason is mainly money in short terms. People could sell their slaves for high prices.

Why couldn't congress ban the slave trade but they could tax imports and exports.?

Congress has the complete and plenary power to tax whatever is taxable and the power to tax is the power to destroy. It is arguable that Congress could have taxed slavery into oblivion and perhaps civil war could have been avoided. Look at the heavy and progressive taxation on cigarettes and how tha (MORE)

Why is the slave trade in with the slave trade?

it is in with the slave trade because many people worked very hard to make money or get land and some people just dont do any work. So they brought people who did work to do the work for them.

Why was the slave trade so important?

The slave trade was so important because it strengthened the british empire. the country producing sugar traded their sugar with us and we traded whatever they wanted from britian to them. Sugar was in demand and so the slave trade was important to keep on getting that sugar. This was also the case (MORE)

What was it like to be a slave in the slave trade?

Tribes sold their own members and others sold the people they won a war against in Africa. Most had a long walk to the ships that would transport them to parts of the world where they would be sold. Roughly 3 million slaves were shipped during the late 1600's; a quarter million died on the voyage. O (MORE)

What was traded in the slave trade?

Sugar, tobacco and cotton mainly but slaves were also worth a lot of money and there would be auctions to sell slaves to rich plantation owners

Who was sulieman the lawgiver?

sulieman the lawgiver was a sultan of the ottoman empire he helped the ottomans by recreating their laws and he is also called sulieman the magnificent in the west he is known as sulieman but in the east he is known has suleyman(different spelling) hope this has helped u :D

Babylon became an important center of trade because it was?

While the Median kingdom controlled the highland region, the Chaldeans, with their capital at Babylon, were masters of the Fertile Crescent. Nebuchadnezzar, becoming king of the Chaldeans in 604 B.C., raised Babylonia to another epoch of brilliance after more than a thousand years of eclipse. By def (MORE)

Who was a famous slave from the slave trade?

The only person that comes to my mind is Frederick Douglass. I think i spelt his name wrong, but he was a slave and then he ran to the north became free and wrote a book about his child hood on slavery as well as fought for the abolition of slavery. _________________________ You may also be tal (MORE)

How did slaves benefit from the slave trade?

They didn't they just got a life full of hard work and fear from everything. Their descendents benefited, because their descendents now live in one of the most prosperous countries in the world and have lots of opportunities they wouldn't have in Africa. However, the slaves themselves got a raw deal (MORE)

Who was sulieman the magnificient?

Suleiman I, His Imperial Majesty Grand Sultan, Commander of the Faithful and Successor of the Prophet of the Universe (Ottoman Turkish: سليمان Sulaymān , Modern Turkish: Süleyman; almost always Kanuni Sultan Süleyman ; 6 November 1494 - 5/6/7 September 1566) was the ten (MORE)

Why as the slave trade so important to Britain?

I think it was because the U.S. used slaves to harvest crops and stuff so the more slaves, the more products for britan. Plus since they were slaves they didnt get paid so Britan didnt have 2 pay xtra 4 teir pay.

What was the most important factor in bringing about the Abolition of the Slave Trade in 1807?

Lots of things convinced parliament to bring this act into place, but I think that the most important factor was the two abolitionists, Thomas Clarkson and William Wilberforce. They travelled the country to collect evidence and visual aids to show to parliament and Thomas wrote a prize winning essay (MORE)

Why was Liverpool important during the slave trade?

Liverpool, as well as Bristol, were important because they were seaside towns, which meant they had docks. They were the first places the slaves ships would go after selling their slaves in america. When their ships were docked, the crew would clean out the slaves living area. It was the last stop i (MORE)

How did the slaves suffer in the slave trade?

They suffered from living in their own faeces, and swimming in a years worth of urine, they had bread thrown to them through a hatch, they where forced to row the boats, if they didnt, BANG to the head snm!

What do the slaves have to do in slave trade?

They are swapped for goods. Like they can be swapped for cloth or food or oil ect. -Don't forget about the slave trade where young girls and women are forcibly pimped out by heartless and uncaring people across the world. Unfortunately, this is a problem on a global scale which has affected countles (MORE)

How did the slaves get kidnapped in the slave trade?

The vast majority of the slaves in the Atlantic Slave trade that supplied slaves to the Americas were bought by European slave traders from local African tribal leaders. The slaves came from two sources: 1) "Undesirables" that a nation wanted to get rid of. These might be criminals, heretics, the (MORE)

What imports did the slave trade bring to Britain?

usually not many as Britain used slaves just as workers and bought the raw materials e.g cotton to make textiles then they would ship the end product to anywhere in the world e.g a t-shirt and would sell it for a higher price than the raw materials thus making Britain rich

What did the Americans trade for slaves in the slave trade?

they gave Africans guns, bullets, and other military weapons and tools they gave the Americans the slaves who paid them in goods eg fabric, button's, sugar etc. then they took these goods and sold them to other countries and went back and collected more slaves research the triangle of trade it wil (MORE)

How they trade the slaves?

Many slaves were taken to Slave Markets where they were auctioned off in a manner similar to horses or cattle. They fell in the same category of movable property called chattel. Sometimes, slaves were sold privately or traded between one slave owner and another. Slaves with highly desirable skills w (MORE)

What are the four most important sources of information about the life of Jesus?

A: For most Christians, the four most important sources of informationon the life of Jesus would be the four New Testament gospels.However, this would not be the case for scholars, who now know thatthree of the gospels were not written independently, but weresubstantially based on the first. The f (MORE)