Top ten richest movie actors in Nigeria?

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What do you think of Dylan O'Brien as Thomas? Did you imagine Thomas differently when writing The Maze Runner?

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Top ten richest footballers in 2010?

1. Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona) - £ 29.7m / € 33m / $ 44.5m 2. David Beckham (England, LA Galaxy and AC Milan) - £ 27.3m / € 30.4m / $ 41m 3. Cristiano Ronaldo (MORE)

Who are the top ten richest in the US?

RANKNAMENET WORTH ($BIL)AGERESIDENCESOURCE1William Henry Gates III53.050Medina, WAMicrosoft2Warren Edward Buffett46.076Omaha, NEBerkshire Hathaway3Sheldon Adelson20.573Las Veg (MORE)
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The 10 Scariest Movies of All Time

Since the inception of cinema and the birth of movie genres, a lot of movies have been made that fit in the horror category. Whether a movie is truly scary or not is a purely (MORE)
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The Top Ten Rap Songs: Five Opinions from Experts

Finding the top ten rap songs is a challenge, with every listener preferring different beats. Some journalists have compiled lists of their own, building on years of experienc (MORE)
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How to Find The Top Ten Chocolate Companies

Those of us that like, scratch that, love chocolate are eternally grateful to those wonderful chocolatiers who skillfully tease the chocolaty goodness out of the cocoa bean. T (MORE)
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A Top Bartender Shares Her Top Ten Tequilas

Good tequilas create more than good margaritas. Good tequilas are savored. While a large bank account increases your chances of enjoying a good tequila, you can find great teq (MORE)
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Who are the top ten richest persons?

1. Carlos Slim Helu, $53.5 billion   2. Bill Gates, $53 billion    3. Warren Buffett, $47 billion    4. Mukesh Ambani, $29 billion    5. Lakshmi Mit (MORE)

The top ten richest country?

  World's Top Ten Richest Countries by GDP   The Richest Country by GDP is the US with an annual GDP of $14.8 trillion.   # United States of America. GDP = $14,839bn (MORE)

Top ten richest clubs?

1) Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, A.c. Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich. Manchester city.
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Top ten richest actors in India?

Sharukh Khan aamir khan salman khan hritik roshanakshay kumarrajnikantabhitab bachan
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