Transfer palm data to iPhone 3G?

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The best way is to transfer the Calendar and Contacts to Outlook. The iPhone can then be synced with Outlook. Unfortunately, tasks and memos do not transfer. You will need to find other 3rd party apps that are supported on the iPhone and transfer your data to them. Two examples are: 1. Evernote - This is good for memo. You can export your memos and then import them into Evernote. unfortunately, when I did this, it was a bit tricky. I even had to write a little PERL script to create the format that it wanted. 2. RemembertheMilk - this is a todo application
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Can you get an iPhone 3g without the data plan?

Technically speaking, you aren't supposed to be able to. if you ask any store rep they will tell you no most likely. but if you talk to customer service after you get the phon

How do you transfer Palm contacts to iPhone?

\nIn Palm Desktop choose Export from the File Menu. The dialog box that comes up has three choices with pull down menus. For "Module" choose Addresses. "Items" includes the ad

Which is better palm pre or iphone 3g?

Well, I'm actually going out to buy the Palm Pre today. I have sprint, so the Pre was the obvious choice. I believe that sprint has better coverage than AT&T, and sprint is th

How do you transfer files from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4?

If you just recently got a new iPhone 4, connect it to iTunes and iTunes will identify it as a new phone. If you have previously synced your iPhone 3G with that computer befor

How do you transfer data from an iPhone to a computer?

Well it depends completely on you! You can either use iTunes/iCloud or to make the process more easy and convenient you can give a try to some third party tool as well like iP
In iPhone

How do you transfer contacts from an iPhone 4 backup to an iPhone 3G?

There are three ways... . iCloud (but the 3g does not support it) . SIM Card (but both phones must be unlocked) . Email - Press the share button on each contact individuall

How do you transfer notes from iPhone 4 to iPhone 3Gs?

Use gmail to back up notes on iPhone 4 (add gmail to your phone in settings ---> mail, contacts, calendars) then add that same account to the 3Gs and set notes to sync and you