Translate comment sa va in french?

Comment sa va is already in french. And it means 'how are you' in English. and actually it's spelt comment ça va and if someone say "ça va ?" then it means 'how's everything'
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What does the french phrase Comma Sa Va mean?

"comment ça va ?" = how d'you do? (prononced coma sava)   "s'il te plait". = please (pronounced sill ta play)   "Oui" - Yes . (pronounced wii)   "comment tu t'appell (MORE)

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What is the answer to the French question 'Comment vas-tu'?

Je vais bien ("I'm doing fine") and Je ne vais pas bien ("I'm doing not well") are just two possible answers to the French question Comment vas-tu?* The respective pronunciati (MORE)

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What is the French 'Comment ca va avec tes parents' in English?

How are your parents or How are things going with your parents may be English equivalents of 'Comment ça va avec tes parents'. The words in French are pronounced 'KOH-maw sah (MORE)

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