Translate comment sa va in french?

Comment sa va is already in french. And it means 'how are you' in English. and actually it's spelt comment ça va and if someone say "ça va ?" then it means 'how's everything'
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What does Comment ça va comment vas-tu mean?

Both expressions are used interchangeably."Comment ça va ?" means: "How are you?", "How is it going?" "Comment vas-tu ?" means: "How are you doing?""Comment" = "How", "ça" (MORE)

Response to comment vas-tu?

Standard replys to "comment-vas-tu" are:   - très bien, merci, et toi (informal) = very well, thanks, how  about you?   - très bien, merci, et vous-même (same, but f (MORE)

What does the french phrase Comma Sa Va mean?

"comment ça va ?" = how d'you do? (prononced coma sava)   "s'il te plait". = please (pronounced sill ta play)   "Oui" - Yes . (pronounced wii)   "comment tu t'appell (MORE)

What does sa VA mean?

How are you? is Sa Va in french the response would be "Sa va Bien" I am well Note: "sa va" is a misspelling of "ça va" (common on the internet in YouTube comments, etc.)

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What do you say after comment ca va?

ca va bien merci Je vais très bien, merci. (Very well, I'm fine, thank you) ça va bien (I am fine) ça va mal. (I am not fine) Oh! Comme ci, comme ça. (So-so) Oh! Pas trop (MORE)

What is 'Regarde Christophe et va-t'en rassuré' when translated from French to English?

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