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Comment sa va is already in french. And it means 'how are you' in English. and actually it's spelt comment ça va and if someone say "ça va ?" then it means 'how's everything'
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What does the french phrase Comma Sa Va mean?

"comment ça va ?" = how d'you do? (prononced coma sava)   "s'il te plait". = please (pronounced sill ta play)   "Oui" - Yes . (pronounced wii)   "comment tu t'app

What is 'Ça va' when translated from French to English?

Ça va? in French means "How are you doing?", "How are you?"  in English.

What does comment ca va mean in French?

'comment ça va' is a common form for 'how are you' or 'how do you do' in French. It is widely used and regarded as rather informal but appropriate to most situations.

How do you answer comment ca va in french?

Comment ca va? means How are you?. If you are feeling good, you would answer with Ca va bien. If you are feeling bad, you would answer with Ca va mal. If you are feeling in-b

What is 'Comment tu trouves' when translated from French to English?

Comment tu trouves...? in French means "How do you find...?"  in English.