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elmasqueridop15 ahi esta Arnaldo Vallellanes...cantante conocido como "El Mas Querido"... síguelo en twitter como elmasqueridop15
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What is Twitter?

According to Twitter's homepage it is: . "Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent

What are 'Twitters'?

People who have a account and tweet regularly either via the website our other 3rd party tools are known as Twitters or Twits.

How do you twitter?

You search 'twitter' in google, go to the first link, and set up an account. To start off, you just click in the box underneath where it says 'What are you doing?' and type in

What is a Twitter?

A Twitter is a person, company or website that communicates via the popular web site Even WikiAnswers is a 'Twitter' related link below visit @cola

What do you do in twitter?

you let everyone know what youre doing.. tell them how your day is going and can just complain about how horrible or wonderful your life is.

A quien seguir en Twitter?

elmasqueridop15 ahí esta Arnaldo Vallellanes, cantante conocido como "El Mas Querido" síguelo a través de Twitter en elmasqueridop15

What can you do at Twitter?

Twitter is a website that you can use to share status updates with friends and family, along with others. You can integrate other sites like Facebook and MySpace so that when

What does seguir mean in espanol?

Among other things, it means to "follow behind someone," "to follow with the eye," "to continue an activity that was interrupted [to resume]," "to keep on going."

What are the future tense forms of seguir?

Seguir is just a regular verb, so its: FUTURO DE INDICATIVO . seguiré seguirás seguirá seguiremos. seguiréis seguirán . He, has, ha, hemos, habÃ