Uses of needle valve in Bunsen burner?

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The needle valve is used to control the amount of gas flowing to the burner. The air valve controls the amount of air.
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How do you use the Bunsen burner?

Answer . You should check if the gas works and that the air hole is closed then you light it .You will need to use a match to light it.If it doesn't light the rubber tubin

What is Bunsen burner and how it is used?

When the University of Heidelberg hired Robert Bunsen in 1852, the authorities promised to build him a new laboratory building. Heidelberg had just begun to install coal-gas

What can be used to turn on a Bunsen burner?

"Turning on" generally refers to opening the gas supply valve. The valves in most laboratories are quarter-turn ball valves with hand levers resembling those on water faucets.