WHO Did Mississippi vote for Obama or mc Cain?

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McCain 56 to 42 %.
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How tall is john mc Cain?

Elly drops her pencil case on the florr. She's done it 18 times in the past few months. She wants freckles so Simone drew them on her. Elly got called ugly so she drew on Brad

Who is Mc Cain?

John McCain is an United States senator. He serves as a senator forthe state of Arizona. John McCain also ran for president in 2008.

Where did mc Cain go to school?

John McCain graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1958. After that, he became a Naval Aviator. . I got this information from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_mccain

How are Obama and mc Cain different?

they are different because i believe Obama wouldn't follow in bushes past, and mc Cain id following in his foot steps and put us in more poverty

Who would you vote for Obama or Mc Cain?

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Is john mc Cain a juggalo?

No he is more of a lady gaga fan but with a little help he might get over his beiber fever and smoke with miley cyrius
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How many electoral votes did Barack Obama receive in Mississippi?

In 2008, Barack Obama received 0 electoral votes from Mississippi, which is a state that tends to vote for Republicans. Mr. Obama lost the state's 6 electoral votes to John
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How many votes did Barack Obama have in Mississippi?

President Obama lost Mississippi (a reliably "red" state for decades) to his challenger Mitt Romney. The Republican got 710,746 votes (55.3%) to Mr. Obama's 562,949 votes (43.