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Was Ben Roethlisberger dating Missy Peregrym when he slept with Andrea McNulty?

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Missy's people refused to comment when asked if she was dating Ben. The last time she was seen with him was in March at the premiere of "The Watchmen." Ben has never acknowledged that he's dated her although he has been photographed with her. The general consensus is that they are no longer dating as she is in Toronto filming a new series.
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Are Ben Roethlisberger and Missy Peregrym still dating?

  * No, read September 29, Sporting News your see what it said.   * They have been on and off and currently they are back together. They have been doing this since 20

Where does missy peregrym live?

As of August 6th, 2010. She currently has a house in L.A. but is filming in Toronto, Canada! For the new HIT series Rookie Blue!!!!!! Oh and by the way, That is my absolute FA

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How old is Missy Peregrym?

Missy Peregrym is 35 years old (birthdate: June 16, 1982).

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When was Missy Peregrym born?

Missy Peregrym was born on June 16, 1982.