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Was Ronald Reagan married to a Filipino?

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No he was not.
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Who did Ronald Reagan marry?

  Jane Wyman - married on January 26, 1940, divorced on June 28, 1948 (finalized in 1949) making him the only U.S. president to have been divorced.   Nancy Davis - marr

When did Ronald Reagan marry Nancy?

March 4, 1952 was the date of the wedding of Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis at in the Little Brown Church in the Valley near Los Angeles

When did Ronald Reagan first marry?

He was married two times.In 1940,he got married to Jane Wyman.In 1941,his first daughter Maureen was born.In 1945,he adopted a son Michael.In 1948,he divorced from his wife Ja

Was Ronald Reagan married while he was acting?

Yes. He was married to Jane Wyman at the peak of his movie acting career. She divorced him after her career took off and his began to fade. However he was still making movies

Where was Ronald Reagan married to Jane Wyman?

They were married at the Wee Kirk o'Heather Wedding Chapel , now part of the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, Calif. on Jan. 26, 1940.