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Who is hotter Justin bieber or Justin Timberlake?

obviously justin bieber.. that shouldn't even be a question. ^ That was the last person's response.... -.- It CAN be a question. It depends on your point of view. Justin Timberlake is a lot manlier looking than Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber is a more of a pretty-boy than a buff guy although he a (MORE)

Does Justin Bieber like Savannah Bieber?

This is pointless. There is no way Justin would like someone in his family, or marry some random girl at the age of 16. NO. The girl you saw probably put Bieber as her last name because SHE likes HIM, not the other way around. He probably doesn't even know she exists. He is dating Selena Gomez right (MORE)

How do you get to Justin Bieber?

The easiest way would be to follow him on Twitter (twitter.com/justinbieber) and "like" him on facebook (facebook.com/justinbieber) he links his Twitter and Facebook posts together, and he personally posts those. DON'T try and find his number on the internet, it's not available. It will cause you (MORE)

Where can you get a Justin Bieber to come and see you?

well, if you buy his CD you may be lucky and win one of the two prices... first is that JB comes to your home and perform in front of you and your family, and the second one is that you'll be in his next music video...

Is Justin Bieber a countertenor?

Yes He is Actually Countertenor and a consequence voice of a man which lots of people never say always to that true canadian singer. however he was worst singer in the world whopping over 3 million hates on youtube such as "baby" and "never say never" also the overture of that movie and theme song o (MORE)

How do you say Justin Bieber in Spanish?

Since Js in Spanish sound like an H, Justin Bieber's named would be pronounced (hustin bieber). However, when you write his name, it will remain the same as it is in English.

Can you met Justin Bieber?

Yes , you can meet him . There are contests you can win , you can go to his concerts , and a lot more . (:

Why do girls love Justin Bieber?

Girls like Justin Bieber because he is hot, he is sexy, he is cute, and he is all a girl dreams about. His songs are so heartfelt, mean so much, and are so amazing.

Can you be with Justin Bieber?

Justin has said that he would date a fan, but of course he would have to fall in love with them. The thing is i don't think he'll want to date anyone anytime soon because hes so busy with the tour and soo many other things. He said "I wouldn't be able to give that girl what she desirves" isn't that (MORE)

Who is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber was barely into his teens when he released hisplatinum-selling debut, My World, and became one of 2009's youngestsuccess stories. An Ontario, Canadian native, Bieber had placedsecond in a local singing competition two years prior. He and hismother began posting his performances, which (MORE)

What does Justin Bieber do?

Justin Bieber is a famous pop singer for deaf people, he is famous on the deaf people community because they can´t hear him!

Who likes Justin Bieber and who doesn't like Justin Bieber?

Well lots of people live in the world and we can't list everyone who likes Justin Bieber and who doesn't. Also some people like him and don't at the same time. Unless you narrow the category into some specific category, this is impossible to answer or list. There are too many conflicting opinions (MORE)

Can you be Justin Bieber?

No, there is only one authentic Justin Bieber. You can be like him if you want, and even look like him if you want, but you will only be some version of you.

Is there going to be sweaters of Justin Bieber at Justin Biebers concert?

Yes, usually Justin Bieber concerts have plenty of merchandise that you can buy. Sometimes if you're really lucky, you can catch him and have him sign it before he leaves. Be prepared to pay a lot of money though, a sweatshirt could cost you from $40-$100, unsigned. If you have him personally autogr (MORE)

Does Bieber fevers love Justin Bieber?

Yes people with Bieber Fever are completely obsessed (in most cases but not necessarily in love) with Justin Bieber. oh my god i have bieber fever.........i love you Justin bieber

Can you have Justin Biebers?

Of course you cannot. Many young girls like Justin Bieber as much as you do and wouldlike to be his girlfriend. HE IS CLEARLY ALICIA MADUENO'S BOYFRIEND!

Who is Abbie Bieber to Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber does NOT have a sister named Abbie. It may be some fan being a fan and putting his last name as hers. She may be his cousin, but they are not in the same immediate family.

Does Justin Bieber like be called jb or Justin Bieber?

Justin doesn't care. He doesnt mind being called either. He once said " My fans can call me what they want, It doesnt matter to me, I will love whatever they have to call me" ex; Purple Ninja, Biebs, Beeebaah... (etc) :)

Is Justin Bieber a Bieber-Fever?

no, justin bieber is human and bieber-fever is a phrase , meaningyou like or you have an unexpressable feelings for justin or maybeur in-love with him . if u have a bieber-fever it means ur really abelieber.

Does Justin Bieber have a show called This is Justin Bieber?

In December 2011, itv (a British channel) had an hour long special called 'This is Justin Bieber' where Reggie Yates spent time with him and he sang his songs and some covers, Tinie Tempah even appeared! There are no signs of making it a regular show, and there hasn't been another 'This is Justin Bi (MORE)

What is Justin bieberes?

Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop singer, musician, dancer, andsometime actor. Before he was discovered, Bieber posted videos ofhimself singing and playing guitar on YouTube under the screen nameKid Rauhl. In 2008, music producer Scooter Braun discoveredBieber's YouTube channel and tracked down the si (MORE)