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Yes!Mr. Bell invented the telephone by accident when he was trying to invent a device that could send more than one telegram at the same time
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When was the telephone invented?

On 10 March 1876, Scottish-born inventor, Alexander Graham Bell uttered the famous words into the telephone to his assistant in the next room: "Mr. Watson, come here, I want

Where was the telephone invented?

Alexander Graham Bell conceived of (invented) the telephone at hissummer home in Brantford, Ontario in the summer of 1876, andthen later physically created his first telepho

Where and how was the telephone invented?

According to the famous story, the first fully intelligible  telephone call occurred on March 6, 1876, when Bell, in one room,  called to his assistant in another room. "Com

Who invented the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell , a Scottish-born inventor,scientist, philanthropist and teacher of the deaf is the personmost widely credited as the inventor of the electric telephone

Who invent the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell. :-)  He invented the telephone trying to improve hearing conditions and limitations of Blind people such as his mother. Hope I helped! ~WonX~

Is hitting a telephone pole an auto accident?

yeah, if you hit it with a car.motorcycle, you know...

What inspired the invention of the telephone?

The telephone was inspired by the desire to communicate over long distance. Previously the use of semaphore (signaling with visual means) or Morse code was used. This requir

Who invented the telephone when where and how?

Alexander Graham Bell received the first patent for a telephone in 1876. He came up with the idea at his summer home in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, but built the first device

How was the telephone invented?

Alexander Graham Bell conceived of the telephone at his summer home in Brantford, Ontario and physically created his first phone in Boston, Massachusetts (where, he said, it w

Who invented the telephone and what year was it invented?

The telephone was first patented in 1870 by Alexander Graham Bell in 1870, even though he was not the only one to want to patent it, another person tried to but Alexander was

Why was the telephone invented?

In the 1870's the telegraph was in wide use and there were those who were interested in electrical voice transmission or "harmonic telegraph" (a telegraph that could transmit