We own a condo for 17 years the corporation has placed a lien which include 2 months fees high legal fees for payments they said they didnt receive I promptly offer replacementthey won't take it?

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You can start unraveling this situation by reading your governing documents. The lien may be an automatic lien against your title, which the association chose to file with the court.

If your governing documents offer a hearing option once you've received notice of a violation -- in this case, apparently not paying your assessments -- pursue that option.

As a 17-year owner, if you are reliable in paying your assessments, you should be able to point to your on-time payment history.

The legal fees charged to the association in this case will be paid by you one way or the other: either you pay them in full as part of releasing the lien, or you will pay them with your assessment dollars.
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