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Were any of the US Presidents ever POWs?

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Andrew Jackson
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Did any US President ever kill or murder anyone before after or during his term?

Several U.S. presidents had military service in war time and would have killed men in battle, other than that the answer is no.   Other Points to consider:President Andrew

Who was the only US President that was held as a POW?

Andrew Jackson. At 13, he was a messenger with the  Continental Army during the American Revolution, and was captured  by the British.

Has there ever been a US president with any black heritage?

Interesting question. In fact many Presidents MAY have had some black heritage. The first was Thomas Jefferson who claimed a heritage of an Indian mother and a Mulatto Fathe

Did any US President ever fight a duel before after or during his term?

Andrew Jackson fought 13 duels. Mostly defending his wife from chargest of being maried to multiple men at the same time..   His most famous duel and one not involveing Jac

Have any US presidents ever committed homicide?

Not in a strictly legal sense.   Many years prior to his election, Andrew Jackson shot and killed a man in a duel, but that was not considered homicide or murder at that ti

Was any US President ever impeached?

Yes. Two US Presidents were impeached, and another probably would have been, but resigned before the House of Representatives could take action. President Andrew Johnson was

Did any president ever endorse bicycles?

It is commonly known that bicycles have two or more or less wheels, which would be the root mean square of pedaling power. For presidential support, this means that there are