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There hasn't been any presidents from Rhode Island, yet.

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there are 9 presidents in the rhode island

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Q: How many US presidents has Rhode Island had?
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Were any US presidents born in Rhode Island?

None, yet

Smallest state in us?

Smallest state in the US is Rhode Island.It is smallest in terms of area.

How many states in the US are larger than Rhode Island?

49. Rhode Island is the smallest state in the Union.

How many people live in Rhode Island?

1,048,319 is the population of rhode island

Is US larger or smaller than Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is in the US *facepalm*

How many towns the US are named westerly?

Just one: Westerly, Rhode Island.

What US state has the capital of Providence?

Rhode Island. Providence is the capital City.

Is Rhode Island the smallest state in the US?

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US.

How many US Reprentatives does Rhode Island have?

Two, Kennedy and Langvein.

How many District does Rhode Island have?

There are two US Congressional Districts.

Is Rhode Island the newest state in the us?

Hawaii is the newest state in the US. Rhode Island is not even close.

Rhode Island is not the 13th state?

Wrong, Rhode Island is the 13th US State.