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Due to kayaks using a twin blade and a more effective seating position a kayak will be quicker in a flat water race of equal distance .

The main reason for this is that the kayak allows for the paddler to be recovering from one stroke whilst taking another stroke on the other side, due to the use of both sides of the body the seated position also allows better conectivity and therefore better power transefer making it more effcient at going forwards.

As canoes are paddled using a single blade they can not do this and are therfore slower.
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What is canoeing?

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What is a kayak?

A kayak is a self propelled water vehicle. It is similar to a canoe but is normally covered, although some open faced kayaks exist.

How do you kayak?

 well to me...............you have to paddle and enjoy it but if  your a beginner you might just want to choose a safer place to  kayak in like my toilet and bath :)  

How do you get in and out of kayaks?

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Is it safe to kayak?

if you are in a kayak that you know you can balance in, it is perfectly safe. i don't know about whitewater kayaking. but if you have an open cockpit in a racing kayak on calm