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A great many have had nude images or acted in the nude.
In some cases that is what made them 'celebrities'.
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Is it illegal to have nude images on your work phone of your partner?

  There may not be a law against it, but you will have problems:   * You are probably in violation of the company policy  * You could be considered to be sexually ha

What celebritys have gone nude in movies?

i think colin firth has in st trinians Bo Derek in "10" (1979). Julie Andrews appeared topless in "S.O.B." (1981). Mariel Hemingway in "Personal Best" (1982). Madonna appeared

Is it legal to sell nude images?

it depends in which country you are living in because in some countries nude pictures are illegal since it is illegal in some countries....the sanctions are severed

How does bad celebrity images on billboards affect the individual celebrity?

Well, the way the world takes that picture can hurt the celeb, depending on what the celeb does if they have something to do with children and there picture is sensual parents

Where can one find pictures of nude celebrities?

Most celebrities control their publicity and avoid having nude pictures released publicly. To find nude pictures of celebrities, one could find issues of magazines in which c

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If you live close to an art gallery you could find some nude woman images here, or if not try searching the Internet. Please be careful when searching for nude women images as

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There are huge numbers of celebrities that have nude photos posted online. Some of these post willingly for adult publications but many others are taken without permission an

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You can find celebrity images on the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website, Perez Hilton's website, the Bing and Yahoo image pages. While these are places to find celebrity p