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Julie Andrews is an English actress. Although she has played many parts, she is probably best known for her iconic roles in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

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Julie Andrews

Did Julie Andrews ever cry when Blake Edwards died?

Yes, Julie Andrews cried when her husband, Blake Edwards died. She was comforted by her daughter, Emma Walton-Hamilton and her ex-husband, Tony Walton.

Julie Andrews

What movies did Julie Andrews play in?

She was in The Sound of Music and The Princess Diaries movies.

Julie Andrews

What kind of cosmetic surgery has Julie Andrews have had?

Julie Andrews has never had cosmetic surgery. However, she did have surgery on her vocal cords in 1997 to remove noncancerous nodules (although she later stated that she never had any cancer or nodules, but just muscular striation on her vocal muscles due to straining them during Victor/Victoria). Unfortunately, the surgery failed and she almost completely lost her singing voice and never regained it.

Julie Andrews

When did Julie Andrews play Peter Pan?


Julie Andrews

How old was Julie Andrews when she played Mary Poppins?

She was born in 1935 and the movie came out in 1964, so that would make her 29.

Julie Andrews

Is the actress Julie Andrews still alive?

Yes. She is 75 years old

Julie Andrews

How old was Julie Andrews when she was in Winken Blinken and Nod?

When she was three years old, Julie Andrews had the starring role of Nod in Winken, Blinken and Nod.

Julie Andrews

Does Julie Andrews have children?

Yes, She Does

Biological child

Julie Andrews has 1 biological daughter - Emma Walton, born 1962 - from her first husband, Tony Walton.


Julie Andrews has two stepchildren, Jennifer and Geoffrey Edwards, the biological children of her second husband, Blake Edwards (died December 16, 2010)

Adopted children

According to information on the website IMDb.com, Julie Andrews adopted two children from Vietnam with her late husband, Blake Edwards:

  1. Amy Edwards (born and adopted in 1974)
  2. Joanna Edwards (born and adopted in 1975)

(Read more of Andrews's bio on IMDb, via the Related link.)

Julie Andrews

Does Julie Andrews have any grandchildren?


Julie Andrews

What part did Julie Andrews play in Shrek?

The Queen of Far Far Away.

Julie Andrews

What is Julie Andrews doing in 2012?


Julie Andrews

Did Julie Andrews cry after her husband Blake Edwards died?

Yes, she certainly did.

Julie Andrews

What movie gave Julie Andrews the chance to portray a man?

Victor victoria...awesome movie...one of my favorite roles...also starring lesley ann warren as the ditsy bleach blonde.

Julie Andrews

Is Julie Andrews alive or dead?

She is alive and she is 75 years old.

Julie Andrews

What color are Julie Andrews' eyes?


Julie Andrews

When Julie Andrews died?

Julie Andrews is not dead

Julie Andrews

What is the Email address for Julie Andrews?

wiki does not provide personal information

Julie Andrews

Who did Julie Andrews fall in love with?

Blake Edwards

Audrey Hepburn
Julie Andrews
My Fair Lady

Why did they give the role of Eliza Doolittle to Audrey Hepburn rather than Julie Andrews in the movie My Fair Lady?

Julie was not well known for her on-screen appearances, and Mr. Warner wanted someone who would bring in the most money to be the film's star. It was amazing though that they picked looks over talent. Audrey could not sing a note. All her tracks were done by Marni Nixon for the movie version. Julie was the first choice for the role of Eliza Doolittle, but Warner Brothers, which had paid $5 million for the rights to the musical, didn't want to risk a stage actress in the central role of a $17-million film, despite lobbying from Lerner himself.

It is also reported that Jack Warner didn't think Andrews would be photogenic enough. He invited her to do a screen test, but she refused, so he forgot about her altogether.

Julie Andrews

What instruments can Julie Andrews play?

she can play piano. she learned to play guitar for the sound of music, and learned to play violin for duet for one.

Julie Andrews

Was Julie Andrews an only child?

No. She has a brother, Johnny Wells, two half-brothers, Donald and Chris Andrews, and a half-sister Celia Wells. She was born on 1 October, 1935 in in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England. She is the daughter of Edward and Barbara Wells (who later divorced).

Julie Andrews

When did Julie Andrews become a Dame?

This Honor was bestowed upon her in 2000, Dame of the British Empire [D.B.E. ] , by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II , for her contributions to the Arts.

Julie Andrews

How old is Julie Andrews in 2010?


Julie Andrews

What school did Julie Andrews go to?

Julie Andrews attended Con-Ripman School and Woodbrook School.


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