What Slavic languages use the Latin alphabet?

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Do all languages of the world use a 26 letter alphabet?

Absolutely not. Each one has a different amount of letters. English uses the Latin alphabet. Hawaiian has a 12 letter alphabet and so on. Some languages such as Russian, Hebrew, Arabic use alphabets with different characters from the Latin alphabet.

Are Slavic Languages spoken in Portugal?

No, they speak Portuguese, which evolved from Latin. The Slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, etc.) are spoken in central Europe, eastern Europe, the Balkans, and northern Asia.

Are there languages that have no alphabet?

Some of the languages of the indigenous peoples of North America had no written form. The indigenous peoples of Australia also had no written language, I believe, in a formal sense. In many cultures have very elaborate art forms that express the elements of a story, but these don't count as formal w (MORE)

Is polish a slavic language?

Yes. Polish comes from the Slavic branch of the Indo-European family and is closely similar to Czech; it is also distantly related to Russian, which is Slavic as well.

Which languages use the Latin alphabet?

There are over 6000 Languages in the world, and the majority of them use the Latin-based alphabet. Here is a partial list: . Afrikaans . Albanian . Aragonese . Asturian . Azeri . Basque . Boholano . Breton . Catalan . Cebuano . Cornish . Corsican . Croatian . Czech . Danish . Dutch (MORE)

How many languages are there which are based on the Latin alphabet?

The majority of languages in the world with an alphabet are based on the Latin alphabet. Virtually all of the countries of North America, South America, Australia, and Western Europe use the Latin Alphabet. A Notable exception is Greece, which uses the Greek alphabet.

Why do you use latin is it not a dead language?

It is true that Latin is a dead language. However, the term "dead" simply implies that the language is no longer spoken. As having been a Latin student for several years, I realized that, although it is not spoken, studying the Latin language has many benefits. For example, the language has a defini (MORE)

Is Latin the language most used in science?

The Latin language isn't necessarily the language most used in science, but many words that we use derive from words in Latin. This can include prefixes, suffixes, and even whole words can be used. I know this because I take it and there are many words that have been taken to make English words. If (MORE)

How did the Greek alphabet influence the Latin alphabet?

The modern English Alphabet evolved from Phoenician: through Hellenic; Greek; Roman; Old English; Middle English; Modern English.. The letters for the phonemes: F; U; V; W; Y. Came from the Phoenician WAW; their name for the "w" phoneme in modern English. P: Phonecian symbol for the mouth. As (MORE)

How is the Latin alphabet different from the English alphabet?

The Latin alphabet IS the same as the English alphabet, with the exception of a few letters. The Modern Latin Alphabet is exactly the same as the English Alphabet. The Classic Latin alphabet is missing J, U, and W. There were no lower case letters at first, and K, Y and Z used only for writing wo (MORE)

In the computer's C Language why is the alphabet C used?

\nC comes from B & B comes from BCPL........... \nTO overcome the problems of BCPL they developed B (First char of BCPL)....& B also has some disadvantages so they go for next level i.e, B's next Letter .........:::::::C ..........then v called it as C language.. \nC comes from B & B comes from B (MORE)

Is Slavic the most common language spoken in northern Europe?

No. Slavic languages are spoken in Eastern and Southern Europe. Russia is considered the mother of Slavic languages, and could be considered as part of Northern Europe, in which case this would make Slavic languages the most common in Northern Europe. However, Russia is included in Eastern Europe, a (MORE)

Is the alphabet a language?

No. An alphabet is not a language. It is a set of symbols usedto write a language. One alphabet can be used to write more thanone language. Because an alphabet represents sounds, to some degreeany alphabet can be used to write any language, although mostlanguages use one preferred alphabet. . For e (MORE)

Which languages use the Cyrillic alphabet?

The Cyrillic alphabet is used for many languages of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, including Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian (Belarusian), Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian, as well as Mongolian. During the Soviet period, most of the Soviet republics used the Cyrillic alphabet for their (MORE)

How many languages use the English alphabet?

There is no English alphabet: English is written with the Latin alphabet. as of the 21st Century, more languages use Latin-based alphabets than any other (more than 1000 languages).

Why does Yiddish use the Hebrew alphabet if it's a separate language?

Though Yiddish, which uses Hebrew letters, looks similar whenwritten down to a non-speaker of Yiddish or Hebrew, it is in factan entirely different language. Hebrew arose in the Middle East and falls into the Afro-AsiaticSemitic family of languages whereas Yiddish is an Indo-EuropeanGermanic languag (MORE)

What language allows a programmer to use alphabetic abbreviations?

There are list of programming languages in computer software.Moreover the assigned code word letters are in the Englishalphabet. So, it is easy to transmit. Also, there are plenty ofalphabetic abbreviations like; www- world wide web, I/O -- input/output, IP -- internet protocol & many more. Although (MORE)

What are some of the non-Slavic languages in Europe?

There are three other major languages families in Europe besides the Slavic family--Germanic, Romance, and Finno-Ugric--so some non-Slavic languages would be Portuguese, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Magyar (Hungarian), Finnish, and other languages like Greek and Turkish.

Is Romanian a Slavic language?

Answer: Romanian is not a Slavic language, it is a Romance language. However though, Romanian does have a lot of Slavic-Russian influence in its language. Because Russia owned Romania when Eastern Europe was communist. Romanian also has a lot of cognates with Russian due to this. Think of it like En (MORE)

What languages are not Slavic?

Most of the languages of the world are not Slavic, including: English Hebrew Arabic Chinese Japanese Korean Latin Greek Navajo Hawaiian Swahili Spanish German French Irish Manx Cornish Welsh Scottish Gaelic Scots Uster Scots British Sign Language Portuguese Occitan Catalan Basque Danish Swedish Nor (MORE)

What two languages that use the Latin alphabet?

Many languages use the Latin Alphabet. Here is a partial list: Afrikaans Albanian Basque Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Esperanto Estonian Finnish French Frisian Galician German Hawaiian Hausa Hungarian Icelandic Ilocano Indonesian Irish Gaelic Italian Latvian Lithuanian Malay Maltese (MORE)

What kind of alphabet does the Russian language use?

The Russian use the Cyrillic alphabet. It consists of 33 letters. А (ah) Б (be (like a sheep sound)) В (ve) Г (ge) Д (de) Е (ye) Ё (yo) Ж (she( like the sound of a electric toothbrush)) З (ze) И (e(like in me)) Й (ya( like saying it quick (MORE)

Why is latin the only language used in classification?

Latin was the official language at the time of Aristotle and Linnaeus. It is now a dead language and if changed will create great confusion to nomenclature worldwide. It is a neutral language and has no political alignment.

Was latin the first language ever used?

Not even close. Latin wasn't spoken as a language until sometime around 700 BC. The Egyptians were already 2000+ years into their civilization, by then. So, was Egyptian the first language?

What was the modern country that used the latin language?

Italy is where Latin came from; it was the language of the ancientRomans. However, as the Roman Empire spanned most of southernEurope, North Africa and the Middle East, several modern countriesused the Latin language, such as Spain, Portugal, southern England,Greece, Turkey, Egypt and even present-d (MORE)

Who translated the Bible into the Slavic language?

The entire Bible was translated from Greek into Old Church Slavonic over the course of about 635 years. The translation was begun around the year 864 by Greek Orthodox evangelizing monks Cyril and Methodius who are venerated as exemplary saints among the Orthodox Christian churches and as "the Apost (MORE)

Is Bulgarian a slavic language?

No, its not! Bilgarian- Bulgarski now-a-days is B-U-L-G-R-S-K-I. Its in Cyrillic. Well Pra-Bulgarian (by invaded Bulgars from Altai in 681 under the face of Haan Asparukh) established here. They dominatd and 'temted' the local slavs, mizians etc and """" may be""" tried to inforce some of the words (MORE)

What are all of the slavic languages in Europe?

Russian Czech Polish Slovak Bulgarian Slav-Macedonian Bosnian Serbian Croatian Montenegrin Slovenian (These are the main languages, who have the largest speakingpopulation and official status is Eastern Europe)

Which are Slavic languages?

Slavic languages can be subdivided into three groups: Eastern, Southern, and Western Slavic languages. Due to geopolitical, cultural, religious and economic reasons, language contacts over time were more frequent between Eastern and Southern Slavic peoples, on the one hand, and between Southern and (MORE)

Where could one learn the slavic language online?

You can learn a slavic language online by using the slovio site or the multilinguals website. Most of the available options are not free and they usually connect you with a personal tutor who will help you to learn the language.

How does latin language influence us today?

Western European languages have adopted and adapted the Latin alphabet. The only letters in the English language which do not come from the Latin alphabet are J, U and W. Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian are romance languages; that is languages derived from vulgar Latin ( which w (MORE)

How is the Latin alphabet different for the English alphabet?

The Romans used 23 letters to write Latin. There were no lower case letters at first and K - Y and Z were used for writing works of Greek origin. J-U- and W were added at a later stage to write in languages other than Latin. J is a variant of I and U is a variant of V. The letter W is a double (MORE)