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What Sports are played in Yabusame?

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Archery and Horseback riding (which may also be known as Equestrian)
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A person participating in yabusame would be?

  it is shooting arrows whilst horse riding, well because what else sounds like a yabusame.

What is sports do they play?

There are a great many sports that are played in the world. These  sports include football, soccer, swimming, tennis, and basketball.

Why not play sports?

Some people might be afraid of the injuries. also, if you have glasses, they could get broken and you may need to buy a new pair - this means a lot of money
In Archery

When is Yabusame played?

Their is no specific time when it is played. As it is a sport originating from Japan, it is played at centers around Japan with no specific times (like the Olympics).